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Wurlitzer nearly ready for return to the Fox Theatre

WALSENBURG- The newly restored Wurlitzer organ is almost ready to be returned to the Fox Theatre in Walsenburg.
Many Huerfano residents may remember good times at the movies when the organ with all its different instrumental sounds delighted them.
The Fox used it until the late 1950’s, when it was moved and became a choir organ at St. Mary Cathlic Church. Now the town treasure will have a new life and a new audience back where it started. The installation of this antique marks a long history of love and respect from the many people who worked with it or enjoyed its music. St. Mary took over the organ and removed all the non-choir features, but the Pastor may have sensed a new future for the Wurlitzer. He kept intact all the valuable unused equipment and saved it for the next person to use. Over time it came into disuse and was abandoned in the choir stall. “Nobody knew how to fix it and no one wanted to damage it,” said George Birrer.
Then in 2005 the treasure got a rediscovery and a revival. Birrer brought it back to the Fox Theatre and miracle workers came forward to do magic. The Pike’s Peak Area Theatre Organ Society is fully restoring the organ, a charity labor of love. By January 2012, the Wurlitzer will have a new life. Having traveled full circle in fifty years, it will be back sparkling fresh and ready to enchant. The Fox Theater needs $1,000 to pay for this happy ending. We have matching funds up to $500 for the final costs to reinstall the organ. Would you help finish the job?
Send a donation of any amount to: Fox Theatre c/o George Birrer, PO Box 206, Walsenburg, CO 81089.