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Mountain resorts

by Nancy Christofferson HUERFANO/LAS ANIMAS — “Resort” is said to be synonymous with haunt, retreat, refuge, but one definition is spot on for our purposes

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To your health

by Nancy Christofferson HUERFANO — Recently, this page has been recording the long history of Martin/Huajatolla/Lathrop park, from the 1880s to the present day. Lathrop State

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Martin Lake and beyond

by Nancy Christofferson WALSENBURG — For nearly 140 years, the people of Huerfano County have gone to one favorite place where they could relax, gather, picnic,

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Planting up a park

by Nancy Christofferson LA VETA — Now the children are out of school for the summer, it’s time to time to consider firming up our

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Past(t)imes in the parks

by Nancy Christofferson WALSENBURG — From the earliest days of Walsenburg, settled around 1859 and incorporated in 1873, people needed a place to gather. The

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