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WPD makes burglary, counterfeit arrests in Jan.

WALSENBURG — In the February 1 Walsenburg Police Blotter, it was announced the department has made two burglary arrests and one arrest concerning counterfeit currency. On January 23, Graham Howell, 38, of Walsenburg was arrested in the 700 block of S. Albert St., on a police department warrant charging burglary, theft, second degree criminal trespass and criminal mischief. Walsenburg police officials say one of the burglary cases against Howell has been sealed, according to court records. Officials could not determine however, who requested the case details be kept from the public. According to WPD Captain Vince Suarez, Howell was charged in connection with the theft of a donation jar from the counter of the 7-11 store in Walsenburg on January 17. Suarez told the World Journal, Howell allegedly stole the jar, then came back to the store returning the jar with four cents left in it. He allegedly left the store again, then came back and made a purchase. The donation jar was considered a deposit receptacle and he was charged with third degree burglary, a class five felony. On Jan. 27, Emmett Trujillo, 35, of Walsenburg was arrested in the 800 block of S. Hendren on charges of burglary and trespassing. Police reports indicate Trujillo had gone to a family member’s home at 12:30 pm and the initial

call was made for an unwanted person at the location. Captain Suarez took the call and contacted the suspect and told him to leave the home and not to come back. Trujillo did come back to the home at about 5 pm to get some of his items he said he was trying to get earlier in the day. Reports indicate he illegally entered the home and was then arrested and charged with trespassing and burglary. On Jan. 22, Emanuel Bradford-Larrow was arrested in the 500 block of S. Albert St., on a police department warrant charging forgery/counterfeit currency. Police records indicate on December 17th, the suspect attempted to purchase food at Carl’s Jr., 700 S. Main, with a fake $20 bill. The report said counter staff at the restaurant checked the bill with a security pen and the note showed it was fake. When the bill was taken to the on-duty manager, Larrow fled the scene. The incident was captured on security camera video and the suspect was arrested later on the warrant. Suarez said investigations by the police department continue into the late 2015 rash of counterfeit bills that were passed in the Walsenburg community.