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Wind Farm in holding pattern

by Larry Patrick

WALSENBURG- Another discussion was held Wednesday by Larry Mapes and Todd Potts with the Huerfano County Commissioners on the issue of building a wind farm around the airport. No real progress was made. Mapes and Potts believe that the reclassification of the airport without anyone’s knowledge locally, has created problems in putting in the wind farm. A Class 2 classification has many more rules than the previous Class 1 designation. Mapes felt the County should not have to pay back the federal government for any improvements done if the airport is closed, since the feds didn’t contact anyone about it. Potts felt the company planning to put in the wind farm may be willing to pay back the federal government for improvements as a way of proceeding. But there was nothing definite on the table. The State of Colorado and the Aeronautics Board is to hold a meeting on March 10th at 1:30 in the Commissioners Room at the Courthouse to discuss this matter. Until then, no progress is expected on whether to keep the airport or whether the wind farm can go around it. Mapes and Potts have said that the County could get around 1 million dollars per year in tax revenue with the wind farm. That would be more revenue than is garnered by having an airport.

    The Commissioners signed a letter of support to the City of Walsenburg to get the Youth Camp land back.