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Walsenburg City Administrator quits

WALSENBURG- Walsenburg City Administrator Eric Pearson abruptly tendered his resignation last Tuesday evening at a City Council special meeting.  He will be taking a similar position as a City Administrator in Williamston, North Carolina. Pearson worked in North Carolina prior to moving to Walsenburg a little over two years ago.  His last day will be Jan. 23, 2009.

    Pearson went from councilmember to councilmember shaking hands and getting hugs as he handed out copies of his resignation letter.  Pearson  said this was one of the very best councils he has worked with in his career.

    Not everyone was weepy eyed however, as councilman Lou Taylor noted the council had had its ups and downs with Pearson over the past two years.  Pearson was also known to clash frequently with members of the previous council, who had hired him. Mayor Edi Sheldon said, “I’m sorry he turned in his resignation- he’s done a great job here, but nobody’s irreplaceable.” 

    Pearson did not give any specifics as to why he suddenly decided to leave the ‘best city council ever’ with just 30 days notice.

    Pearson stated he and his wife Jananne had planned to stay in Walsenburg for a long time, but he applied for the position in Williamston a couple of weeks ago.  Pearson and his wife have family in Williamston.

    The search for Pearson’s replacement will begin immediately, with the City using the International Association of City Administrators and the Colorado Municipal League, two brokerages for City Administrators, and where they found Pearson to begin with.  Mayor Sheldon estimated it would take at least a month to find ­Pearson’s replacement.  Pearson said he would assist with making a smooth transition to a new administrator, and said the staff on hand was terrific and would be able to hold up until a new manager was hired.