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UHFPD new recruits

by Carol Stevens

GARDNER- The Upper Huerfano Fire Protection District (UHFPD) board members received applications at the April 8 board meeting.  Three applications were approved: Jason Donlon and John Morgan as volunteer firefighters and Michael Sanders as a driver. contingent upon background and license checks.  Until checks are completed, they will be considered as pledges.  Fire Chief Brian Sharp requests that anyone  interested in joining the department join in training. Training is held every third Wednesday of the month at 5:30 pm.

    County Commissioner and board member Roger Cain stated the department has received the final abatement on mill levies.  At the February board meeting, it was announced that the department would be receiving less on levies because of an over assessment.  The current abatement showed a figure of $18,079 less rather than the $16,287.79 previously reported.

    Chairman Steve Hodges was happy to report that six of the eight vehicles that were missing titles are now titled to the department.  The remaining vehicles will have to go through a different process.  The district will have to buy a bond and show the value of each vehicle before a title can be issued.

    Treasurer Larry Michaels gave his report and questioned a San Isabel Electric Association bill for the month of February.  The electric bill of $216 is for the Redwing Station.  Michaels contacted San Isabel and San Isabel was sent a month-long read statement.  This showed a spike in use from January 23 through the 27.  Because no one has been in the Redwing Station to cause such a spike, further investigation is necessary.

    Chief Sharp gave his report and commented on the appreciation dinner.  He thanked the board members and all who participated. The department has been quiet except for a mutual aid call on April 7.  Huerfano Fire Department called in for help on County Road 112 for a fire that got out of control caused by a landowner burning weeds.  The fire burned approximately seven-eight acres and took both departments eight-nine hours to control.

    Because the department has been receiving newer equipment, some of the old equipment and trucks will be coming up for sale.  A public notice will advertise when these will be available.