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Trinidad Mayor Phil Rico to deliver first “state of the city” address Monday, February 12, at TSJC

TRINIDAD — Phil Rico, Mayor of the City of Trinidad, will be giving the first annual State of the City address next Monday, February 12, 2018 at Trinidad State Junior College in the Pioneer Room at 6 pm.  The mayor would like to invite the public to attend the event.  In the State of the City address, the mayor will reflect on recent successes that have laid the groundwork for the city’s upcoming priorities.  He will speak to the goals of the city council in 2018, identifying the city’s most challenging issues and the city’s greatest assets.
The mayor will also be making several exciting announcements of new programs and possibilities that he and the city council will be working toward this year.  Following the address, the mayor and city council members will be taking questions from those present.  The event will be aired live on YouTube at Trinidad Times TV 71.  For more information, please
contact Andrew Wallace at