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Trinidad candlelight ceremony honors Orlando victims

by Joy Gipson

1625 LAC Gipson Events Candlelight vigil for OrlandoTRINIDAD — A candlelight vigil was held in Trinidad’s Cimino Park on Sunday evening, June 12, to honor the victims, and their loved ones, who were massacred early that morning at the Pulse, a gay nightclub in Orlando, Florida.. Noah Simpson created and assembled a touching community gathering of local speakers and musicians that attracted approximately 100 participants. Guest speakers were Mayor Phil Rico, city council member Michelle Miles, and Holy Trinity Catholic Church Brother Harry Gonzales.

Brother Harry said, “In the Bible the rainbow is a symbol of God’s faithfulness and mercy. It is a sign of his love, and we should remember the 49 lives lost in Orlando not as victims, but as part of the rainbow. We all must allow ourselves to love and to be loved.”

The Rainbow Flag, also called the Gay Pride Flag was created by San Francisco artist Gilbert Baker, a friend of the late San Francisco Mayor Harvey Milk, in 1978. It is used around the world as a symbol of the LGBT family. It stands for pride and acceptance of diversity in life, and accepting everyone for what and who they are. The Rainbow Flag is recognized by the International Congress of Flag Makers and lives in the public domain.

There was an open mic session that allowed speakers to share their thoughts, feelings, prayers and poetry. The ceremony ended with the reading of the 49 names of the people who lost their lives, with the sound of soft flute music in the background.