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Tree Board issues face La Veta

by Carol Dunn
LA VETA — At its November 7 meeting, the La Veta Town Board received a request from Sara Dearmin to serve on the Park & Tree Board.
Town Clerk Laurie Erwin told the board, “All but one seat on the Park & Tree Board will expire on December 31.” Trustee Ken Sajdak, who is liaison to the P&T Board, said he needs to meet with the chair, Barb Kowalik, and discuss removing term limits for the officers. The officers are term limited, and their terms are expiring. Trustee Dave Molyneaux asked, “Do we have to rewrite the ordinance?” Molyneaux proposed that the five members of the board just trade off serving as officers so the term limits would not be an issue. On behalf of the P&T Board, Rena Kaplowitz reported that everyone on the tree board has been on it for a long time. “Not many people have stood up and said they want to be on it,” she explained. Sajdak added, “I’m sure they’ll welcome anyone who’s interested in serving.” Erwin told the board it takes considerable time to change an ordinance, and a change would not go into effect until at least sometime in January. Sajdak said, “It’s pretty hard to find people to do the work. I will provide whatever information I get from the tree board to help us decide how to proceed.” The appointment was tabled until the next meeting.
Erwin reported the La Veta Community Center will be closed on November 19 and 20 for installation of the new carpet. She also reported the school did not receive the GOCO grant they were planning to use to purchase replacement playground equipment.
Erwin said a previous request was received to trim or take down the large tree at the Francisco Fort Museum, and that tree has now split down the middle and just missed hitting the Fort. She said it needs to be taken down immediately, and if Robert Ingoldby is not available, she will locate another arborist to do the work. Erwin reported that Paul “Snappy” Smith has requested to have a tree removed that is lying on his house.
Molyneaux reported the work on the museum is “looking really good.” He said finish work is now taking place, for instance installation of fixtures and trim work. Molyneaux said he expects the work will be finished in a couple weeks.
The town received a positive letter from a town resident about the new law enforcement situation. Molyneaux said, “People are happy with it.” He added, “I think our new law enforcement is doing quite a fine job.”
The board approved the liquor license renewal for the Cliff Brice Station at 5519 West Highway 12.
The board set another budget meeting in preparation for voting on the final budget in early December.