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Town Hall for both parties

WALSENBURG — Colorado Republican State Senator for District 35 Larry Crowder and Democrat Representative for District 62 Edward Vigil held a town hall meeting in Walsenburg on Saturday, March 28 to update the community on legislative action. Also present were the three Huerfano County Commissioners and about 20 people. The legislators took questions. Some in the audience expressed concern about school mandates that are not funded. Also, they believe school boards should have more say in how money should be spent and that more money should be spent in the classroom. Eleanor Foley, a member of the La Veta School Board, said that funding pensions is critical for retirees. Cindy Campbell from LiveWell Colorado said that Huerfano County ranks 60th in the state ranking of healthy counties. She said it was important that the legislators knew this and support programs that promote good health. The legislators were asked what they were doing for economic development in Huerfano County. Crowder said the wind farms and the nurse practitioner act were among some programs that are helping the

economy. Ed Vigil has introduced legislation for farm to school programs so that schools get local fruits and vegetables which would be fresh and of good quality and farmers can sell their produce locally. Both support bringing passenger rail service to Walsenburg which would be good for business but funds would be needed to accomplish this. Both said that they would continue to represent Huerfano County and southern Colorado and promote bills to help the economy in the area.