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Town Gets Input on Cell Tower

by Carol Dunn

LA VETA- The La Veta Town Board held a workshop on Monday to get input into a proposed cell phone tower within view of downtown.  Huerfano County Planning and Zoning (P&Z) requested the Town’s response to an application to place the tower directly north of La Veta’s water storage tanks.  Although the application states that the 180-foot low profile mono-pole is not in the “scenic corridor,” several workshop attendees took issue with that statement.  According to one, the tower would violate the County’s land use guide because it would infringe on the ridgeline view and the area’s uncluttered, spectacular, natural features.

    Although the vast majority of attendees were opposed to the tower, that opinion was not unanimous.  Mayor Mickey Schmidt encouraged people to attend the joint public hearing on the matter, which will be held Aug. 19, at 2 pm at the Huerfano County Community Center in Walsenburg.      

    The Town Board plans to formulate an official reply to P&Z during its Aug. 19 Board meeting.  The ultimate decision about the tower rests with the Commissioners.

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