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This Week in History for May 9, 2024


1889: George Whitman has moved his shoe shop to his fine new room this side of the Huerfano County Bank and opposite Standley Hardware.

1894: The bankrupt stock of Frank Day was auctioned off this week.

1899: Thomas Mooney purchased a patent brick machine and will soon be turning out some fine commercial bricks.

1904: R.S. Howlett, principal of the Rouse school for the past year, will be principal of the Pictou school beginning in the fall.

1909: The Pansies ball club gave the Maitland team a fearful drubbing at Maitland last Sunday, defeating them 23-3.

1920: The Dick-Gardner service station on North Main was sold to a Mr. McKee of Pueblo who will operate an agency to sell Oldsmobile cars and trucks.

1925: The Chamber of Commerce and County Agricultural Agent have moved from Room 5 in the court house and the county commissioners will move their office there. The Chamber of Commerce moved to the basement next to the Red Cross headquarters.

1930: For Sale: Ford 1926 one-ton truck. Warford transmission, closed cab, stake body, in A-1 condition. Only $225 at Sears Motor Company.

1935: The remodeling project at the  Fox-Valencia Theater has been completed with the seats placed in a semi-circular pattern for easier and better viewing.

1940: The Walsenburg Chamber of Commerce will be sending a motorcade of boosters advertising the Black Diamond Jubilee to Canon City this weekend for the Apple Blossom festival.

1945: The only city-approved dumping ground for Walsenburg is the space between the Colorado and Southern railroad tracks and the Ysidero Street bridge along the rip rap lining the Cucharas River.

1950: It was announced today by Star Caywood, Veterans Service Officer, there is a distinct possibility Huerfano County High School will offer general education training courses for veterans beginning in September. This would be available to all veterans who are not graduates of the high school.

1955: The oldest educators of Huerfano County schools still living are Mrs. Laura Halsey, 89, known to oldtimers as Miss Williams; Mr. Valentine, principal from 1884 to 1887, also known as Mr. Marvin, then as Mr. Brodie; J.W. Hamer, superintendent 1895-1902; F.H. Hyde, 1902-1905; W.H. Lowry, 1905-1907; Edward Slates, 1907-1908; D.C. Cagwin, 1908-1915; and S. N . Andrews, 1915-1952.

1960: According to the 1960 federal census, Huerfano County dropped by 2,778 during the ten-year period since the last census, from 10,549 in 1950 to 7,771 in 1906.

1965: Dr. Maurice R. Page, optometrist, is moving his office from 104 East 6th after 13 years to 114 East 6th between St. Mary Credit Union and the Colorado Department of Employment.

1970: Mr. and Mrs. Manuel D.J. Valdez of Redwing celebrated their 70th wedding anniversary in Pueblo with 160 guests. They were married April 19, 1900 in Sacred Heart Church by Reverend Gabriel Uzzell when he was 17 and she was 15. Their children are Andy and Paul, both of Redwing, Telos, Maxine Boddy, Millie Vigil, Frances Terrone, Benedicta Abila, Erminia Valdes and Mary Archuleta, both of Redwing, Annie Quintana and Tillie Chaves.

1975: Miss Collette Swartzendruber was named Miss Huerfano County 1975 over seven other contestants and will represent the county in the Miss Colorado contest.

1980: “Oriental Fantasy” was the theme of the John Mall High School Prom last Saturday with Queen Debbie DeVan and King Neal Newman reigning. Attendents were Kip Santi, Ken Sandoval, Stella Garcia and Joyce Cruz.

1985: Onesimo Pacheco celebrated his 90th birthday April 17. He was born in 1895 in North Veta and married Maclovia Vigil in 1928 in St. Mary Church. He was a sheepherder most of his adult life and then worked for the Pueblo Ordinance Depot until his retirement in 1952. He and Mrs. Pacheco celebrated their 56th anniversary last November.

1990: Introducing the new Grand Pan Pizzas with 10 topppings, $4. Pizza Hut.

1995: Alys’ Fireside Cafe at 606 Main, the old Fireside location, will open today for lunch.

La Veta

1885: The Public Improvement Committee of the Town Board bought 261 Box Elder and Mountain Maple trees at 20 cents each and another 85 trees at 25 cents,each, totaling 346 trees at $73.45 for distribution among the property owners for planting.

1890: Town Board at its last meeting voided the repeal of the Billiard Ordinance, then re-repealed it.

1895: An editor works 365 ¼ days a year to get out 52 issues of his paper – that’s labor.

1900: La Veta will be the junction point for the Ojo and Grayback branch of the Denver and Rio Grande Railroad and that narrow gauge track now being put back in order will connect La Veta and probably Alamosa.

1905: The heavy rains caused rock slides on La Veta Pass that prevented trains reaching town for two days, so there were no trains and consequently, no mail for two days.

1910: One of O.B. Beamer’s new double seated buggies at the livery was smashed by a customer who dropped the reins on the Kincaid hill on the Oakview Road and the horses ended up in the ditch.

1915: Steve Dusnak bought the old Baker ranch on the Wahatoya for $8,000.

1920: The old Francisco Plaza is presenting a different appearance since the new part has been added and the grass and trees have been planted. Now one-half of the original buildings are still intact.

1925: Charles Keeling has planted sugar beets on 15 acres of the A.B.Parks ranch south of town.

1930: Some La Veta young people spent Sunday at the Sand Dunes and report work is still being done on the new road to these natural curiousities.

1935: The La Veta Advertiser was started 40 years ago this month and the present editor, devil or  roustabout, did the same work on it then as he does now.

1940: Workmen for the Denver and Rio Grande will soon begin welding joints in the rails over the Pass to make passenger travel smoother and quieter.

1945: Major Elmer Vernon has returned to the United States after flying 54 missions in 14 months. His brother Carl W. Vernon was promoted to Major with the Seventh Army in Germany.

1950: Albert E. Jameson won election to become school board president with 212 votes over James W. Falk with 170. Holdover members are Evalyn Capps Walker and Thomas Kmetz.

1955: There are three kinds of men – the handsome, the intelligent, . . . and the majority.

1960: Twenty members of the eighth grade enjoyed a hay ride Saturday night with Mr. and Mrs. Dick Jameson to Spoon Ranch.

1965: Goemmer Land and Livestock sold 900 acres of land about three miles southwest of La Veta to Mr. and Mrs. John Albright and the Albrights sold a large piece of irrigated land west of Walsenburg to the Goemmers.

1970: Brett Arnold, who did so well in football, had the misfortune of spraining an ankle a few days before last Saturday’s track meet and is on crutches.

1975: For sale: New 3 bedroom house in La Veta. Contact Jim Keeling. 3704.

1980: Huerfano County Commissioners agreed to help finance Panadero ski resort’s ski lift, facilities, equipment, motel and restaurant to the tune of four million plus.

1985: Bubby Morgan, son of Mr. and Mrs. Louis, was recently named winner of the 1985 DEKALB Agricultural Accomplishment Award. 1990: Popejoy Contruction will place a two inch asphalt overlay on Oak Street for approximately $10,000.

1995: Woody Arnold is building a new home at the corner of Birch and Cucharas streets for Dick and Tommie Farrell of Houston, Texas.