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This week in History for March 6, 2014

Walsenburg 1889: Volume 1, No. 1., of the Walsenburg World was issued on March 1. G. M. McGill was editor and publisher. The first subscriber was Fred O. Roof, at that time the clerk of the District Court. The cost of an annual subscription was $2.00. 1895: “March is an aristocratic month – puts on more airs than any other.” 1901: Johnny Welsby has profited by the advice of the Walsenburg World and is building a huge reservoir on his ranch above town. 1907: County Surveyor Walter Houser was busy this week laying out the new city park in Farr’s Addition and the town plans to extend and grade Kansas Avenue to the site and plant trees along the way. 1913: Those pictures that were supposed to talk at the Otto Theater last week didn’t. 1919: The case filed with the state supreme court in March 1918

by Charles H. Sanchez and Ralph Stanley has finally been resolved with the judgment that Walsenburg is a city of the second class and the current elected officials must vacate their offices. 1925: Steve Brown and Margaret Kirkpatrick will star in the Huerfano County High School junior class play, “Intimate Strangers”, in the Star Theater Monday night. 1931: Margaret Saliba with a 97½ percent score and Edward Race, 96½, are the high school winners of the free trip to Taos, N. Mex., for having the highest grades for this six weeks’ term. 1937: Sixty persons have filed petitions for citizenship in Huerfano County, the largest class to ever take naturalization tests at one time. 1943: Police Chief Jack Evans warns that his officers will crack down on loose horses and will levy fines of from $2.00 to $10.00 plus pound fees. 1950: Walsenburg schools are feeling the pinch of the strike as their heating coal supply diminishes. Already schools in Aguilar and Hoehne have had to close because of the lack of heat. 1958: Six to eight inches of snow fell on the stretch of highway now under construction north of Walsenburg and snarled traffic for several hours. 1965: Norbert Valdez and Sharon Biggi were selected by the senior class as the most popular couple and Joseph Lencz and Toni Sudar the most talented. 1971: The Re-1 Board of Education is contemplating having split sessions for the students of the high school and eighth grade if additional classroom space is not obtained. 1977: Varsity cheerleaders at John Mall High School this year are Tammy Crump, Renee Archuleta, Barbara Sedillo, Joyce Cruz, Carol Townsley and La Verne Mestas. 1983: Lottery tickets are for sale at Safeway Store, 7/Eleven, Loaf ‘n Jug, Cliff Brice and now, Mountain View Station and Liquor on North Walsen Avenue. 1989: “Star Tracks” is the theme for the annual Washington School Adult Variety Show tonight when Ernie Endrizzi will be master of ceremonies. Tickets $1.50 adults, 50 cents, students. 1995: Ludvik Propane Gas bought the 6.57 acre parcel in Walsenburg Industrial Park for $5,000 to relocate their large storage tank.

La Veta & Cuchara Valley 1877: Prominent among the noticeable improvements in our town is the large and handsome church (near the depot) just completed by the Baptist society. Our community can now boast of a No. 1 house of worship. 1883: The dance given last Thursday night was a huge success with 35 or 40 couples dancing until daylight. 1893: Rev. Bissell, who has announced his retirement from the Presbyterian Church, is having his store re-ceiled and otherwise repaired. 1899: First Class Meals at 25 cents at the La Veta Restaurant, John Stranger, Proprietor, Ryus Avenue. Short Orders Executed Promptly. 1905: John P. Stranger has moved into his new stone building which is equipped with new shelving, showcases and counters. The upstairs hall is also open for hire to societies and other gatherings. 1911: A fine chicken dinner and musicale were enjoyed by some 50 guests at the Spanish Peaks Hotel last Sunday. 1917: A trade has been made whereby School District No. 9 gets several lots north of the school house and opposite the large school building for lots it owned on Field Street. 1923: The Commercial Club would like to establish public campgrounds near the river plus the new town park, where small fees could be collected. 1930: Sixty-five attended the Baptist Young Peoples’ Union get together with musical and literary entertainment. 1937: Mr. and Mrs. Elbert Kitchen are retiring from ranching and Mr. and Mrs. W.P. Curtis will take over. 1944: The Independent Party candidates, all women, failed to accept their nominations so the town election will be one-sided affair. 1951: La Veta Boy Scout Troop will have an old magazine and newspaper drive Saturday. Place papers on the curb (tied) or if you live in the country, call Paul Frick at 476 for pickup. 1957: A first class ski run on La Veta Pass is contemplated at an estimated cost of $250,000. 1964: Miss Jolene Coombs, music director for the La Veta schools, presented her instrumental students at a concert Saturday night. 1970: The heavy snowstorm made the drive to Pueblo a three hour effort. 1978: Carmen Goodwin is trying to organize a cross country ski club. Call 742-3661. 1984: Developer Dwight Harrison and Architect Dave Jones told Town Board of their plans to build a golf course and country club just south of town. They plan to eventually have 27 holes of golf, 323 single family homesites, 165 cluster homesites and 192 multifamily sites. 1990: Six attorneys met with County Judge Robert Haeger for two days in pre-trial hearings for Grandote Golf and Country Club and the parties in litigation against its general partners.

Trustee resigns position

Town now accepting letters of interest for vacancy by E.E.Mullens LA VETA — Citing an upcoming medical procedure and the subsequent recuperation period, La Veta

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