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The parade is on

La Veta Town Board okays Independence Parade, talks tree board

by Melissa Ray
LA VETA — For a town board meeting, it was a quiet night with very few visitors (myself and three others).  All board members were present, and the meeting moved quickly, with board members ribbing each other good-heartedly.
LaRissa Morris, representing the La Veta/Cuchara Chamber of Commerce, presented a formal request for Main Street to be closed from Garland to Park Street, including the first block of West Ryus Avenue, on Saturday, July 7, for the Annual Independence Day Parade. After some discussion, the board unanimously voted to close the standard route for the parade with the town covering the event with insurance.
The board unanimously voted to pass Resolution #4-18 approving a forgiveness loan with CWRPD.  The loan is basically a repayment of money the town has already spent on improvements to the sewer system, and does not prevent the town from seeking other grants.
With Mayor Douglas Brgoch abstaining, the board approved Resolution #5-18 renewing the Brgoch Lake Lease.
By recommendation of the town attorney, it was voted to direct the attorney to sign a stipulation in Case No. 17CW3075.  Brgoch abstained from voting.
Due to his election to the La Veta Town Board, Tim Tady submitted his resignation to serve on the tree board.  He cannot serve on both boards.  It was unanimously voted to accept his resignation with regret.  After reading letters of interest and a short discussion, it was unanimously voted to appoint Calvin Hopkins and Becky Howard to fill the two vacancies on the tree board.
The Colorado Tree Coalition awarded La Veta a $2,000 grant to accomplish the planting project outlined in the town tree board’s grant application.  The grant increases 2018 funds to $10,500, plus the balance of $1,420 in the the LVPTB savings account.  The tree board plans to apply newly appointed Calvin Hopkins’ training as a horticulturist to develop and manage the excecution of their 2018 planting plan.
Brgoch reported that, after a night of no sleep and looking over the plans, a few possible glitches with the new bridge have been averted and the project is on schedule to be completed.
The board voted to move the time for the next committee meeting up 30 minutes to 6:30 to meet with the prospective new water engineer.
The final decision made was the purchase of OCEA safety gear for working in open trenches from Ten Point Sales & Marketing.  The safety gear is being purchased at the strong recommendation of the town’s insurance company and will be paid for out of the line item budget for the purchase of parts and equipment.