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The little Lady Redskins – a team to watch!

by Jessica Andreatta
LA VETA — Coach Amber Huff took 12 of her top players to Fort Morgan this past weekend to play in the Junior High State Championship Tournament.
Lots of big name schools were there, but little La Veta came in a virtual unknown to any of them.
Saturday started off with pool play, and La Veta had to tackle eight out of the 11 teams from 8:30 in the morning to around 6 at night. It was a tough day for the girls, but they proved they were there to play volleyball.
They ended up taking a win in five of the matches with their only losses to the #1 and #2 ranked teams. Unfortunately the luck of the draw left La Veta matched up a second time against Erwin, the #2 team, for their final match of the day. The La Veta girls put up a strong fight but lost the match. It was a highly anticipated night for the girls. They waited to hear which division they had made it in – Gold or Silver.
While most teams would have wanted the Silver because they had already proved they could beat those teams and probably would win the tournament in that division, the Redskin girls were not satisfied until they heard they had made it into the Gold! Seeded at #5 didn’t bother the girls at all; they were at the bottom but they had made it into Gold!
Sunday started off bright and early when the girls had the first match of the day against #2 seeded Erwin. The girls played their hearts out and took it to three games winning game one, 15-11, and losing game two, 15-17, and finally losing the match in game three, 11-6.
The young Redskins shook off the loss and put their game faces back on as they battled the #3 Fort Morgan and the #4 Weldon Valley. With a big victory in two against Weldon Valley, the girls had all the confidence they needed to tackle the #1 team, undefeated in two years.
The Lady Redskins put up a huge fight taking the win in game one 15-13. They gave it absolutely everything they had, hanging in there hit for hit, but sadly lost to the undefeated #1 team, 11-6 in game three. Exhausted and a little sad, the girls shook off their emotions and happily accepted the #4 spot in the tournament.
La Veta came in an unknown but left having made a big impression on many!