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Starry Skies for November 13, 2008

By Jaye Sudar

    A full moon in Taurus brightens our lives on the 12th, reminding us to cherish what we have and look to our responsibilities.  What is important to you, your neighbor and your community.  Times are rough and while everyone is tightening their belts, it is a moment to look at the important aspects of life.  Joy, friendship, love, compassion.

    What are the little things that bring joy to you?  That long walk in the fresh snow?  A pie fresh from the oven?  Or, an evening spent with friends?  Within our communities, look to where you can bring a bit of respite from the troubles of the day.  Smile at your neighbor.  Visit your Grandma and get her to share a recipe.  Donate your time at the library or help with a school food drive.  Take this time before the hectic holiday season begins to take stock of what makes you grateful and what you can do for others in this time of cosmic change.

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