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Starry Skies for January 22, 2008

By Jaye Sudar

    The new moon on January 25th is about change.  Open that box you′ve been hiding in and take a leap! Put those fantastic ideas running through your brain, on paper.  Don′t let them gather dust in a corner.  This goes for all the computer geeks as well as the artists.  New moon energy is about moving mountains, not just peeking out the back door.

    It is also the Chinese New Year, Year of the Ox.  The Ox represents calm, dependable, honest, intelligent, industrious, and practical aspects of human nature.  This year is about working effectively, and accomplishing goals. It is about bringing about change through hard work. Rolling up our sleeves and telling the World, "Yes We Can!"

    So, as you watch the Annular Solar Eclipse on January 26th, work on your ideas, and plan wisely to accomplish them.  Kick that outdated box of ideas to the trash and air those ideas.

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