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Starry Skies for Dec. 11 2008

By Jaye Sudar

    A full moon in Gemini on the 12th brings twinned energies to your holiday endeavors.  Balancing the serious with the silly this week will inspire creativity this season.  Write a long "what′s happened this year" letter to stick in those Christmas cards.  Or, email it with a silly online card. Bake cookies and other treats instead of buying them.  Pull out the crafts box and surprise your family with homemade gifts.  Or visit your local stores and see what other people have created for a delightful gift.

    If you′re of two minds about something, get together with friends over hot chocolate and debate the topic.  Now is a good time to start changes to carry out over the next twelve months.  Take those stale thoughts, plans or routines and stick them in the trash. Open your mind to new ideas.  Take a chance and have some fun.

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