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Spay and neuter clinic coming to Trinidad

courtesy Karen Griego
TRINIDAD — I am incredibly happy to announce that Noah’s Ark Animal Welfare Association., in conjunction with Bergen Spay and Neuter Alliance, is sponsoring a spay and neuter clinic for dogs and cats in the Trinidad area. This event is vitally important to our area because it provides professional spay and neutering at a reduced price. Along with the contributions from Noah’s Ark, we have had several generous donors participate in the program so that we can further reduce the cost of this important service to everyone in the Trinidad area. This is vitally important to maintain the health and well being of our cat and dog population in Trinidad. This is especially important at this time as the pet populations have increased significantly during the pandemic due to limited access to veterinarian services. The clinic will be conducted here in Trinidad on October 6 to October 9. The physical address of the clinic is 222 N. Gray Creek Road here in Trinidad in the City of Trinidad’s Water Works Building and is directly north of the animal shelter. There will be signs on Main St. to guide you to this location.

The cost of services rendered to dogs will be $55 a dog. Also included if needed or if deemed necessary by the attending doctor will be vaccines, microchips, nail clipping, and ear cleaning. The cost for cats will be $45 and includes the same services. There will be no charge for feral cats. If a trap is needed to catch feral cats, there will be a charge of $40 deposit which is refundable with the return of the trap. The traps will be available Thursday Oct.6 and Friday October 7 for surgery on October 8. Privately owned dogs will be treated on Thursday the 6 and Friday the 7, feral cats will be treated on October 8, and privately owned cats will be treated on Sunday Oct. 9.

There is a link on NAAWA’s Facebook page to connect directly with Bergen to make appointments. You can also call the shelter at 719-680-2385 for further information. If you would like to volunteer your services to assist in the clinic or to provide snacks for the volunteers, please contact the shelter. TSC Women’s Softball Team has generously donated their time. Please consider volunteering for this event. All help we receive will be greatly appreciated.  Thank you, Trinidad, for your continued support of NAAWA.

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