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Senior Care Corner – Strong Men

by Elisa Ingoldby

Today’s article is in honor of all those men in the world who we celebrate as fathers. This Sunday, millions of families will gather around a table, sports arena, or back yard to celebrate the man in their life. There are men out there who don’t have to be a father to celebrate. All men, strong or weak, thin, husky, tall, short, grumpy, happy, or whatever, can and should celebrate.

There is no need to repeat the stats that woman outlive men. All you have to do is visit a nursing home or assisted living center, and woman outnumber men at least 10 to 1.

Case in point, my grandfather died at 77, my grandmother at 98! He was a strong, big, and powerful man. He retired at 45, traveled, and lived a good life, but died young! I didn’t understand why until I realized that typically in the past, the perception was that men were stronger than women, worked harder physically than women, and endured more stress because of longer working hours, while women were home to tend to the children. Of course, I am speaking of the “older generation,” and those men who fall into that category. They literally were working themselves to death! Today, the men in our lives have a different routine, because women also work.

Have you ever sat down to speak with one of them? All someone has to do is visit the veterans home or any elderly community and know those men took pride in what they did. They honored their families, they knew the value of the dollar, and they saved their money. They wanted to work and enjoyed it. Ask them if they enjoy retirement and most likely will say a resounding, “NO!” Some do enjoy the time to rest, travel, and do nothing at home but tinker in the garage.

So my message to those strong men, is thank you for the hard work you do, and the sacrifices you have made for your families. Please take care of yourselves so we can enjoy your company longer. Happy Father’s Day!