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Seen and Heard for September 11, 2008

    The Huerfano Memorial Hospital Auxiliary met on Monday September 8, 2008.  The number of hours for the month of August was 423 and a half.  Gary Dickey, Administrator of the Colorado State Veterans Nursing Home gave an update as to the happenings at both facilities.  The Spanish Peaks Regional Helth Center CEO position replacement interviews will begi this week. 

    The annual V.A. survey is scheduled for Sept. 15 through 19.

    Mr. Dickey thanked all the members for their dedication and service given to him as Administrator, and the members expressd their gratitude for his services and wish him the best in his future.

    Further discussion was held regarding the Annual Christmas Bazaar set for Fri. Dec. 5, 2008 from 9 am to 12 noon in the lobby of the hospital. 

    Members present were: Monica Bustos, Cleo Bellah, Bobbie Cisneros, Bob Armour, Sharon More, Jo Ann Mathes, Milly Wolak, Ray Bustos, and Janice Turkovich.

    The Scrappy Ladies met on Monday September 8 at the Huerfano County Community Center. 

    The following members were in attendance: Sue Palmer, Jody Stanbro, Shannon Gabbert, Irene DeDe, Mary Lou Potter, Barb Marovitz, Jeannette Hansen, Helen Paul, Sherri Beach, Kathleen Helm, Barbara Beckner, Sally Hix, Michele Gilchrist, Tommi Lard. 

    Irene DeDe and Jeanette Hansen will attend the Quilt-A-Fair on September 26-27, in Longmont at the Boulder County Fairgrounds. 

    The group is taking suggestions for a theme for the 2010 raffle quilt.

    A label was presented to Barb Beckner for the best theme quilt in the 2008 La Veta show, and a picture was presented to Barb Marovitz for her “Viewer’s Choice” quilt, “Butterflies for Grandma” from the same show.

    Election of officers will be in November.  Sue Palmer announced Debbie Donnelly from Mountain Valley Quilt Shop donated manila envelopes to the guild.  Thank you Deb!

    Irene DeDe gave the day’s program on making pincushions for the 2009 Quilt Show. The group needs approximately 200 for the 2009 Quilt Show as free giveaways.

    The October program will be presented by Maryellen Naughton on the “Cotton Theory,” a “quilt as you go” project.  The November program will be Christmas projects.

    The Scrappy Ladies are working with the Westcliff Quilt Guild to set up some exchange meetings, and are hoping to plan a retreat in the future.  

    It was noted that the Fall Festival at the United Methodist Church in Walsenburg is Saturday, November 1, the Creede Quilt Show is September 19 and 20 and the La Veta Gallery is having a fiber art show at the “Space” Gallery in La Veta.

    A “Friendship Quilt,” made and signed by members of Scrappy Ladies Guild and Colorado City Quilters, was presented to Barb Beckner.   President Barb Marovitz showed a friendship star pillow made using a technique learned at the Ricky Tims Quilt Show filming.  Kathleen Helm showed her completed round robin quilt, and her wall hanging which won “Second Place Amateur” and “Judges Choice” awards at the Colorado State Fair this year. 

    The meeting was adjourned at 10:55, followed by a great pot luck lunch.

Going Home:  It’s always been said you can never go home. Well, Carol Stevens did just that last weekend, when she returned home to San Diego. 

    Carol says, “My Dad (Phil Koerner) turned 90 years young Saturday, Sept. 13.  We held a huge party in his honor, in San Diego.  Landing at Lindbergh Field brought quick recollection of being back home for me. Driving on the freeways again, hearing all the noise, seeing all the “finger flipping”, and smelling the smoggy air were all reminders why I moved to Walsenburg.  It was wonderful to be back home, help my dad celebrate a milestone in his life and be with all my family again.  But, I couldn’t wait to get back to Walsenburg, where they wave with all five fingers, and the only traffic jam is cattle in the road (come to think of it, the cattle would be the only “smoggy air” too).”