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Seen and Heard for Oct. 02, 2008

LA VETA- On September 16, Tuesday Night Study Club met at the Catholic Parish Hall with Sue Pezze as hostess and Dora Quintana bringing the program.

    Twelve members answered roll call with everything from eye care to Christian carvings on government buildings.

    It was mentioned that Irene Heikes was going to participate in the Memory Walk at Lathrop for Alzheimers.  There were several members that contributed to this walk.

    Sue Pezze reminded everyone that Bonfils would be having a blood drive at Oktoberfest.  If anyone would like to participate, please schedule with your name.

    Dora’s program was on Kewpie dolls. She brought 19 of the dolls and gave history on how the dolls first were introduced. They looked like cupids, so that was the reason they were named Kewpie dolls. Rose O’Neill was the originator and for over 100 years, she said, “they have been bringing love and laughter into the world.”

    We had great brownies and ice cream with a really good punch for refreshments.

    The next meeting will be on Oct. 21 at the home of Jean Duzenack with the program presented by Irene Heikes. 

WALSENBURG- American Legion met at Mazzone Hall, Sept. 22 at 6 pm. Members present were: Margaret Gleisberg, Vernice Nardine, Pat Zgut, Ethel Campagnola, and Betty Dasko.

    President Margaret opened the meeting with pledge to flag. Prayer was said by Captain Ethel. The district officers from Pueblo will make their visit next meeting.

    Vernice reported we had 100 poppies left, and will go out with them on Nov. 11, Veteran’s Day. The lap robes for vet members at the hospital are ready, and will be taken to the vets on Veteran’s Day.

    The meeting was closed with prayer. Next meeting will be held October 27, at 6 pm. If anyone belongs to other American Legion Auxillaries, they are welcome to come to our meeting.