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Saloon night is a go

by Carol Dunn

LA VETA- The La Veta Town Board voted Tuesday night to approve a special events liquor license for Francisco Fort’s annual Saloon Night on June 7.  Marshal Harold Willburn commented, “It has been successful in the past, and there have been no problems.”  A request for a water/sewer tap on Lot 14, Block 2 in Moore Park was also approved by the Board.  Deborah Lathrop’s application for replat of Lots 1-4, Block 67 was accepted.  A public hearing will be held concerning the application on May 6 at 6:45 pm. 

    Surveying will begin within two weeks for the sidewalk-curb-gutter project on the streets of Field, Francisco, Moore and a short section of Main.  The Board will have a better idea of the scope of work after the survey work is completed.  On the topic of streets, the Town’s attorney has replied to the plaintiffs in the lawsuit brought by Grandote Peaks homeowners association.  The reply is available for the public’s perusal at Town Hall.  On the topic of the golf course, Kelly Popejoy clarified events which led to the baseball field being mowed by golf course staff.  She also stated that their insurance will not cover this activity and requested a release of liability for the time required to mow.  Mayor Mickey Schmidt suggested that the insurance company’s requirements be forwarded to the Town, so the appropriate document can be prepared.

    Mayor Schmidt reported on the continuing repairs at Fort Francisco.  A local electrician has been consulted to draw up a list of electrical issues that must be addressed.  He will present a full recommendation to the Board, and that will be reviewed by the State Electrical Inspector before getting bids on the work.

    The next meeting will be May 6 at 7 pm.