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Rockin the Fox

Bravo!  Bravo!  Bravo!  Three Cheers for the three from Tennessee!  Last Saturday night was a big night in Walsenburg at the Fox Theater.  It was the Spanish Peaks Alliance for Arts and Education’s first event at the Fox – now coming to be known as the Fox on the Rocks. 

    An enthusiastic crowd of 200+ braved frigid temperatures to enjoy a three-hour performance offered up by “The Three from Tennessee.”

    The evening’s entertainment began with a high-octane set by Mary-Ann Brandon and her equally talented husband, Fred James.  Although Mary-Ann and Fred call Nashville “home,” they spend the summer months in La Veta.  Their strong, personal friendship and positive working relationship with Tommy Tutone made the Saturday event happen.

    Mary-Ann and Fred are acclaimed, Grammy nominated musical performers on a worldwide stage.  Tommy Tutone garnered a musical following when he recorded “867-5309/Jenny,” the feature song on a Columbia Records release that peaked not all that long ago at Number 4 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

    Nancy Dick, the president of the Spanish Peaks Alliance for Arts and Education, recommended a shorter label for the group working to renovate the Fox Theater — “The Alliance.”  Nancy proclaimed, “It [the evening] was more than we could have either dreamed or expected….”  She urged everyone to stay tuned as plans for the coming year are under development.  “This could be the start of something big!” was the opening night mantra.

    And, you know what?  It certainly could be.