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Regional Building Authority takes first steps

Authority looks at how to flex muscle

by Bill Knowles

WALSENBURG– Buyer beware is good advice to follow for whatever one buys, however that is very important advice when a person looks to build or add on to an existing house and seeks the services of either a general contractor or sub contractor to perform the work.

    Having approved nearly 70 general and sub contractors in the first quarter of the year the Huerfano County Regional Building Authority Board’s newly appointed Secretary, Tracy Webb, says the County’s website shows the list of contractors who’ve been licensed by the HCRBA.  And that should take some of the guess work out of locating a contractor to perform work on the single largest investment one can make, their home and property.

    “People who are interested in finding contractors who’ve been licensed can go to the County’s website at and click the land use/regional bldg., button on the right side of the page.  When they get to the “land use” page they can scroll down to the bottom and select item number 10 in the “Links to: Land use regulations.”  The list will show up and they can get the information they need.”

    But between the first of the year and now there have been some projects in development that are being handled by contractors who’ve not gotten a license from the HCRBA.  They will have to become licensed before they can go on to their next job. 

    Failure to become licensed to work in Huerfano County will result in a contractor not being able to get the necessary building permits for a project according to newly elected board vice chair, Dale Davis.

    “If a contractor does start a project without being licensed by the regional board they will not be issued a permit for that job and can be cited by the county’s building inspectors under the zoning regulations.”

      The penalty for not being in conformity with the codes carries a maximum of 10 days in jail and a $100 fine with each day creating a new violation.

    The board has also heard from several Huerfano County residents who’ve run afoul of unscrupulous contractors.  It’s been alleged that some contractors have been unethical in dealings with their customers, others have not completed work in the time specified in the contracts or they have cut corners and even employed what is known as the “extras scam,” while others have actually used Colorado Law to enrich themselves while putting homeowners and their property in jeopardy with the legal system and the banks.