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RE-2 school board meeting

 LA VETA — The La Veta Board of Education (LVBOE) met Monday evening to discuss various issues. The board approved the go ahead on the CDE BEST grant, which will be used for the replacement of the fire escape. The board went on to approve Dylan Thomsen as volunteer assistant boys’ basketball coach and Stephen Kimbrel as volunteer assistant wrestling coach for the remainder of the 2014 season. The LVBOE was also pleased to approve the 21st Century teachers: Marc Biggins, EMS and CPR; Pauline Frank, ACT Test Prep; Jill Hake, Dance; Lynne Barnes, Wilderness Survival; and Deborah Ferrari, Culinary Arts. Doug Fry was also approved as a substitute teacher. Rick Sciacca and Judy Fisher presented the board with information from the CDE on ICAP (Individual Career and Academic Plan). Sciacca explained how and why the program is being used. It is necessary for those students who are taking concurrent enrollment, and it is a plan to guide the students through their high school education and help prepare them for the career they have chosen to pursue. Sciacca also presented the ideas behind a program the district is considering introducing that is very similar to the “College You Program.” It is a fun and informative way for elementary students to have the chance to “own” a specific college for a year to get them thinking about life after high school. It is intended to get the students excited about higher education as well as to plant a seed at a young age the possibility that all students can go to college. The board reviewed data that Superintendent Bree Lessar presented describing where the district sits on ACT and college readiness. The board discussed what needs to be done to achieve the goal of readiness for every student by the time they finish high school, whether they decide to pursue college or go into the workforce. The goal is part of the district’s vision of being an A+ School of Excellence. The board was excited about the Math Workshop that junior high math teacher Tracy McCay presented to parents on January 24. Board member Eleanor Foley and Lessar added that it was very exciting to see the way math is changing and making students become self-thinkers. Gaye Davis handed out information on the success of the LiveWell Grant, which adds another $4,000.00 to the playground fund. The next regularly scheduled board meeting will be held on February 1 in the La Veta School Library at 5:30 pm.