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RE-2 battles bats with science project

by Edie Flanagin

LA VETA- The RE-2 Board meeting on Monday, Aug 23 was cut and dried as Board president Sam Law clicked through the agenda with efficiency.  Superintendent Dave Seaney reported the funded student count for the first week was 208 students. This is the lowest enrollment in the last ten years and a couple dozen students short of the budgeted count.  The lack of students could make the school district budget about $20,000 short for the 2010-11 school year.  Seaney is hopeful the enrollment numbers will rise as the next few weeks go by.

    Jr-Sr High School principal Bree Lessar reported the number of students taking dual credit (college level) classes is increasing and the majority of students in 11th and 12th grades are enrolled in at least one upper level class.  She attributes the high numbers to an overall climate of study fostered in the La Veta School district.

    Lessar reported the athletic program is doing well.  She commends the Athletic Boosters Organization for their hard work in recent months which goes beyond athletics.  Sixth graders are now eligible to participate in all Junior High sports.  With the extra kids eligible, a junior high football team will hit the fields this fall.  The last bit of high school news concerned Homecoming.  September 10 will be the homecoming football game and September 11 will be the homecoming volleyball game.  It is early this year because of having four instead of three teams in the district.

    Seaney gave an update on the building projects around the district.  The HVAC project in the elementary school is complete and fire alarms in all buildings are now connected.  The biggest project facing the district is the replacement of the elementary and high school roofs.  The district has received a Best Grant for approximately $165,000 for the roof project.  The contract includes abatement from the bat colony which has taken up residence in the attic of the high school in recent years.  The new roof system will displace the bats so the science and Ag departments are teaming up to install bat houses around the campus.  Construction is planned to begin as soon as school is out next May. Once the bats leave this fall the entrances to their cozy attic will be closed so that the bats will have to choose the bat houses if they want to live in La Veta!

    Personnel and business transactions on the agenda were all approved.  Toni Brgoch was hired as the business manager, the substitute list was approved, and Russ Semple was hired as the gounds keeper and elementary custodian.  Chad Lessar was awarded the contract to dig up and reseat the school’s two propane tanks which have sunk into the ground over the years.  The board will meet September 13 for a strategic planning and goal setting for the district.  The board also reported on the results of the climate survey passed out to teachers.  After discussing dates to meet with staff, the board recessed then went into executive session to discuss administrative contracts and insurance stipends.