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Re-1 looks at cutting pupil funding

“We′re all in the same big Ark”-

Erin Jerant

By Jaye Sudar

WALSENBURG- Re-1′s workshop with Randy Black of CASB was about governance.  He emphasized to the board to keep in mind the social, moral, political and legal obligations of the district, and that good governance depends on transparency.  Each school district in Colorado is dealing with the paradigm that everything they know has changed. Funds from the State are no longer a regular set amount.  How districts do business is no longer feasible under the economic constraints that will be the new norm for the 2010-2011 to 2014 school years.

    All Colorado school districts are looking at a 10% cut in per pupil funding.  Over the next three years that will be between 16%and 20%.  There simply isn′t the money available due to constitutional constraints.  Randy Black made it clear that the next few years will be stressful and painful as each district will be faced with decreasing either the money or the people in their budgets.

    The good news presented in the budget discussion was that unlike some rural districts, Re-1 is managing to keep the required three month reserve.  However, the declining enrollment and tax base affect the funds from the state.  It is a trickle down effect starting with federal monies, to state monies and finally local monies.

    Over the next few months, Re-1 as a team will be looking at how to cut the budget.  Superintendent Doyle wants the public to know that this is an organic process that won′t just happen over night. The district is doing its best to balance people, programs and services.

Super Corner:

by Superintendent Michael Doyle


In May of 2008 Re-1 requested a Comprehensive Assessment of District Improvement (CADI) visit. The assesses what our district does well and what areas need improvement.  The six member team visited Re-1 and completed their onsite visit in April, 2009.  In June the results were given to all district staff and administrators.  There were three general areas of improvement identified for our district:

1) Culture (the school district works together to create/foster/promote a learning community dedicated to raising student achievement);

2) Curriculum/Instruction/Assessment;

3) Professional Development

    From this information the District Leadership Teams and staff developed the following three goals for the district:

1) Data driven instruction;

2) Communication;

3) Best instructional practices

Community Survey:

    As part of the communication goal a community survey was developed.  200 surveys were sent to randomly selected households in the Re-1 school district.  The names were selected from voter registration rolls.  Of the 200 surveys sent out, 27 (13.5%) were returned because the address had moved; 41 (24.2%) surveys were returned.  The responses generally mirrored the results of the CADI visit.  Comments and concerns were expressed about:

• the quality of our schools

• academic preparation of our graduates

• communication from all areas of the the school

    Other comments voiced concerned the sports complex.  There will be an update on the sports complex next month.

    Any parent or business who wants a refund for the 07-08 John Mall yearbook please contact principal Doc Siders at 738-1520.

    With the concerted effort of the board, community, staff, students and administration of the Huerfano School District Re-1, we will improve our student achievement.  Any and all suggestions  from the public are welcomed.  The contact number is 738-1520.