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Raton Boys make championship

End season with 82-33 loss to Pecos Panthers

by Marty Mayfield

KRTN Multi-Media

RATON — The Raton boys hosted the Academy for Technology and the Classics at home where the home court had its advantages.

The Tigers got off to a slow start, then both teams took the ball to the basket with Raton coming out on top by two in the first quarter. Raton turned the ball over several times in the half because of walking penalties, while ATC earned even more walking penalties. ATC went to the line only four times while Raton never saw the line during the first half.

Aden Vanderwater puts the rebound back up as Johnny King tries to make the block Thursday evening during the district game with ATC.
Photo by Marty Mayfield

Out of the halftime, Raton extended the point spread, scoring 22 to ATC’s 11 in the third. ATC kept plugging away and brought the score back within 10. Raton managed to make the ATC turnovers hurt and kept widening the score until the final buzzer sounded at 73-51.

ATC’s high point scorers were David Prada with 20 and four of five free throws and two 3-pointers, Alfredo Martinez at 10 with four of six free throws, and Chris Brewer at 12 with two of three free throws. As a team, ATC made 12 of 16 free throw attempts.

Raton’s high point players were Jose Archuleta at 18 with a fantastic six 3-pointers, Dustin Segura with 13, and Gabe Martinez with 12. On free throws, the team made seven of eight attempts. Aden Vanderwater was hot with six of six in free throws.

The boys traveled to Pecos on Saturday to face the undefeated Pecos Panthers. There, they ended their season with a 82-33 loss to the Panthers.

ATC 11 12 11 17 51

Raton 13 16 22 22 73

Raton 7 7 4 15 33

Pecos 33 23 16 10 82