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Prowler spotted

NAVAJO- A man was seen outside a house in the Buffalo Drive South vicinity, on Wed. Sept. 24, at approximately 10:15 pm.

    The family dog alerted the homeowners that something was outside, and when they turned on an outside light, this man was seen just a few feet from the door.  He immediately ran off into the darkness toward the road.  The homeowner then heard a vehicle start up, and the man left the scene.

    The police, Sheriff’s Department, and Homeowner’s Association have been informed of this incident, along with a description of the man.  Other homeowners in the area have been made aware of the prowler sighting, and also have a description of him.

    Please be on the lookout for anyone who is driviing around, parked or walking that does not live in Navajo Ranch.  We need to stay alert and watch out for our neighborhood.