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Pets of the Rocky Mountain Southwest March 1, 2018

Arrow (2½ yr old German Shepherd) is our go-to guy at the barn. Arrow is always down for a game of fetch and he loves to ride the horses too! Radar is our 3 month old Great Pyrenees/Anatolian pup that is in training to become one of the ranch’s livestock guardian dogs. He is a very tough, cool, calm and collected pup already! He will help keep our ranch animals safe from bear, cougar and coyotes. Last but not least is Echo (3 month old St Bernard pup), she LOVES people, horses, cats and pretty much everyone she meets! Echo is our other livestock guardian dog and will be Radar’s teammate and partner, helping him fend off big threats. The pups are both learning their trade (Guardians) as they grow and they are already patrolling the ranch boundaries with staff and learning about horses and people! We hope in the future for both pups to be involved in our therapy programs as well!