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Pets of the Rocky Mountain Southwest Feb 8, 2018

Arthur Wayne

Sitting pretty for his eighth birthday photo, one might get the impression that this fella was posing for a Presidential portrait instead.

Arthur Wayne serves as his owner’s medical assist animal. When off duty, he loves chasing kitty cats, squirrels, fence lizards and rabbits.

He just recently took his first airplane ride to Oklahoma which he didn’t mind too much.

While Arthur strives to be an upstanding citizen, he has had his brushes with the law. Arthur has been arrested twice on charges of Dog Running Loose.

While he maintains his innocence, he maintains he was “only on a midnight security check (potty run) down the alley” and he was within ½ block of his house when he claims he was arrested only for his color and being in the wrong place at the wrong time. #BLACKDOGSMATTER.