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Obituary- Tom Grow

Tom Grow
6-5-1944 ~ 3-2-2011
Tom Grow (age 66), of Gardner passed away on March 2, after a long battle with cancer. He is survived by his mother Alice and two children, Eric and Ahni.
He spent his childhood in Wichita, Kansas, but soon fled the pressures of societal life, to spend his days in the relative peace of hippie life in Colorado. He lived in Drop City, Libre and Gardner, where his artistic and inventive creations can still be found. His mother puts it best in the following poem:

When Tom was born in
The country was fighting another war
D-Day was dawning far away
Thousands of soldiers died that day

And that was the war
As you probably know
When the atom bomb
Had its first big blow

When Tom died of cancer on 3-2-1-1
The end of the world had already begun
Wars and rumors of “Out of the East”
Where the price of the oil is so often increased

Earthquakes, tidal waves, hurricanes & tornadoes,
Erupting volcanoes & floods in Barbados
Glaciers melting,
spillings of oil
CEOs dumping poisons into the soil

Tom was a Hippy-
He didn’t OK how the world was Conducted
He saw how the vexing contraption was coined
He never joined

A life celebration will be held on Friday, March 18th at 6 pm, at the Gardner Community Center. Please join us for memories, music and poetry.

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