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Museum of Friends Courthouse Show: Jason Crumb

LA VETA- Painter Jason Crum is this week’s featured artist from the ongoing Museum of Friends courthouse show.  Crum served in the Air Force in Korea, and went through art school at Chenard on the GI Bill.  In 1967, Crum co-founded the City Walls project, in which artists took their art directly to the public in the form of five-story murals on the sides of buildings throughout New York City.  Around 1988 he moved to Gardner, and then La Veta with the unrealized dream of building a dome.  His move west prompted him to switch from abstracts to realistic landscape paintings.  He was a motorcycle fan, and an accident the year before his death made it difficult to continue painting.  He died in 2003 of bladder cancer and is buried in the Gardner area.   Angus, his son,  is planning to do shows of his father’s work to put them out for sale, “They’re not doing anyone any good in my shed.”       Crum painted the “Welcome To Walsenburg” signs as well as one of the panels on the Heritage Park mural. To see more, go to and stop by the Museum of Friends at 6th & Main in Walsenburg.