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Moontalk for April 17, 2008

Full Moon in Scorpio:  April 20, 2008

by Kristen F. N.

    April’s new moon fire may have initiated a creative  project that will finish next year, but the light of Scorpio’s full moon may reveal unexpected hidden layers to that project that need to be further explored.  April’s full moon is in the constellation of Scorpio and the element is water – deep water.

    Alchemy: The emotional waters of the Moon are in harmony with the waters of Scorpio; however, we are put on alert not to go too deep… we can be overwhelmed by what we feel. The waters of Scorpio deal with death and rebirth; feelings that are conscious, (sometimes manipulative) hidden, and always transforming; they show us our deepest, darkest shadows (and that of others), and ask us to rise above them like Phoenix from the ashes.          The archetype for Scorpio is the Shaman, and the Wounded Healer.  To think back on the creative seeds of fire planted during the last new moon phase is to understand that this full moon is about Faith.  “How do we keep the fire alive?”  Emotions such as self-doubt and fear put the fire out quickly.  Singing is good–tears are good– laughter is even better!  We are reminded with this full moon that light is always present in darkness… even if we cannot see it.