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Main on Main St for November 26, 2009

By Gary Rollins

LA VETA- If you bump into Pat Campbell, Sandra Helwig or Melinda Bradshaw, congratulate each of them on their having won a Thanksgiving Turkey from Charlie’s Market this past Saturday.

    But, the question everyone wants to know is:  Who is La Veta’s Biggest Turkey?”

    Curious minds inquire, quite obviously, and although you probably think you know, you’re probably wrong.  You’ll find no shocking revelations in this column and you can credit the lovely and talented Mitzi Keairns for invoking the spirit of the Thanksgiving holiday to keep the name of the winner a closely-held secret.

    However, I personally know the name of the de facto winner and I might be persuaded to divulge the name and the actual vote count if you ask me in a nice, unthreatening manner.  I am not actually endorsing the community’s unanimous selection, but realizing Mitzi is every bit the lady we all know her to be, it would be disingenuous of me to violate the confidence.  Let us also give equal credit to Mitzi’s husband and partner, Don, who totally and enthusiastically endorsed the idea of having a little promotional fun as the 2009 holiday season officially accelerates on Thanksgiving, which we transplanted Texans still call Turkey Day.

    Is it not wonderful that La Veta is blessed to have Mitzi and Don and all of those special people who wait on us at Charlie’s Market?  If it weren’t for Donna and Wendy, I would never know it was going to snow later in the day.  And without an attentive crew in Charlie’s butcher shop, Karyn and I would be forced to survive on Oscar Meyer’s Tube Steaks instead of enjoying an occasional hand-cut ribeye steak.

    And so, as we prepare to express our thanks to each and everyone who makes La Veta special, let me suggest you begin the annual ritual with those fine folks at Charlie’s.

    We have all survived a long, difficult year and as I check the mailbox each week for that very first stimulus check that managed to make it all the way to your Man on Main, I also realize I once benefited from a quotation that seems uniquely appropriate as we prepare to begin another year.

    “When the goin’ gets tough, the tough get going!”

    And I particularly admire innovative, resourceful people like Mitzi and Don who, through being creative and positive, give each of us hope that there is truly light at the end of this long, long tunnel.

    I’ll close by wishing each and every one of you fine readers a Happy Thanksgiving and a most enjoyable holiday season. 

    And don’t fret about La Veta’s “Biggest Turkey.”

    He knows who he is.  And he promises to do better next year.

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