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Letters to the Editor- August 14, 2008

Re: Is America giving up freedom; part 2

Hello Mr. Darrell Arnold

    The plight of Corporate America is doing very fine and can be compared to the days when TEN American families owned 70 percent of the wealth of this Nation. Names such as DuPont, Rockefeller, Hurst and Ford were on the front page of newspapers. This period of history was marked with actions of Theordore Roosevelt to break up the monopolies.

    I would think that the history of mine holdings found in Colorado, would still be fresh memories of the plight of miners and their families under such a system of social justice. The fact that when the American worker, with the help of WWI and WWII, pulled themselves out of this system of revolving poverty; their health, wealth  and political clout put them on a level of parity with their negotiations with business in regards to the distribution of wealth between the Haves and the Have not’s.

    Regarding lawyers, this is the only means left to the common man as to address grievances, short of armed revolt. The sad fact is that the common man, still today, is treated as disposable assts by corporate Åmerica. Business is conductiing an all out war against labor, be it blue or white collar. Would you think that the changes to unemployment benefits, prior to down sizing of 30 million American jobs was an accident? Why do you have emphasis on private insurance; with exemption of prior illness or medical conditions from compensation, is not a mistake for the common man? When employees are part time, they have no benefits and are cost shifted to Federal programs such as Social Security; that includes a cap to the payment of social security taxes above the $90,000 limit? Why do you think that private retirement plans have a 35 year status; with the loss of 20% of benefits per each year, to the employee after reaching 30 years of service to the employer?

    Well,vif families had access to birth control, we would not have so many unwanted children! The good old days were known for their brothels, to pleasure or circumvent the family’s unwanted pregnancies. The great depressions was noted for over 600,000 children riding the rails trying to find a home.

    The history of “God We Trust” was forged onour coins in the Sixties. This was in response to the Western Powers war with Russia after WWI. Yes, American and British military did occupy parts of Russia and assisted the White Russian’s confrontation with Lenin’s government.. America was in Manchuria, China, Burma, Greece, Iran and all of South America’s Nations. America was known for its large population of Fascists sympathizers during the Twenties and the Thirties; until Germany declard war on America after Pearl Harbor. Today, we are still involved in  our war against Muslims, which started with our First War of Occupation, the Spanish American War, which involved the wholesale slaughter of Musllim Moro’s.

    While many can find fault with the ACLU, the fact is that many Christians support Rupert Murdock, and his vast communications holdings, because he is conservative. The reality is that his vast holdings sponsor much of the sex exposed on television programs. Frankly, Murdock supports the talk radio programs that action most far right disinformation efforts that would rival the efforts of Gobble during WWII.

    Illegal aliens, what a can of worms! The fact that the Neoconservatives, in power have created the situation by supporting Third World Power Elitists Dictators to exploit those countries resources (including labor) to achieve unreasonable returns to Corporations which exempt the Corporations profits from taxes via off-shore accounts establlished in other Third World Nations that are propped up by our own Neoconservative Elitists.

    Once we remove children from public education and raid Federal Funding to support private schools; the cyclle of indoctrination will be complete. Thus, history can again be rewritten to support an agenda that will result in the final holocaust of Christian’s against Muslim’s with Russia and China rushing in to exploit chaos.

        Dave Pete

    I would like to thank everyone for their caring thoughts and deeds during my recent illness.  I am truly blessed to live amidst such compassionate friends and family.  Thank you. 

        Steve Channel

    The Puttering Angels would like to express our appreciation of your generous donation of the Romance of the Spanish Peaks book for our co-ed golf tournament.  Thank you!

Dear Editor,

    All the recent billing difficulties of the utility department have led me to ponder our new computerized billing system.

    It has long been my opinion that the engineers who invented computers and the salesmen who sell them are the biggest liars in the UNIVERSE! The last time that I checked, there were more people that do not have computers than people that do have computers. Furthermore there are people that think computers are the simplest things since sleeping. Then there are those of us that know better. We can′t even turn the mumblemumblemuttermuttercusscusswatzel blotzel ratzelfratz (quoted from Winnie the Pooh) things on.

    So how would I know? I worked with computers for twenty three years. We had a lot of "bad guys" hacking into our system and many a time I would go home on Friday thinking that I had finally conquered the beast at last! Only to come in Monday morning and find out that the systems people had completely revised our program during the week end and I had to start learning all over again from scratch! Mumblemumble (see above).

    I have a BA degree and two MA equivalencies. I can ride a bicycle, ride a motorcycle, run a boat and fly an airplane. I have designed several airplanes, both model and full sized, and some of them even flew. So you see I don′t feel completely helpless. But computers are beyond me!

    My work experience has left me with such a mental block against computers that I can′t even turn this one on to write these funny letters.

    So when some simple minded clod tells you that computers CAN′T make mistakes! Just remember that he is one of the "brain washed" victims of the people who make them and sell them. Allow me to furnish one of many examples of the foul ups that I have caught computers committing.

    Years ago, Sears Roebuck & Co.′s accounting dept. called me and accused me of being 90 days delinquent on my account. I read the clerk the receipt number from the week before. She didn′t believe me and threatened all kinds of legal action. Finally I read her my account number from my Sears Card…! from the other end of the phone I hear a very subdued oops! The clerk comes on the line and says "one moment please"…p-a-u-s-e-! "The computer has experienced an address drift and your account is paid up 90 days in advance. Thank you…"click! Twice within the next month and once with another company happened again! I don′t have a store credit card any more. I discussed this with a systems analyst and he told me that it couldn′t happen to the same person more than once in a thousand life times.

    Wouldn′t it be nice if people believed in God like that?!


            Jerry Price

    My aunt from California called the other day complaining that none of the presidential candidates were very appealing. Many of the people whom I had spoken to had the same attitude.

    It seems that some people like to ridicule John McCain by saying he’s so old that when God said, “Let there be light!” McCain was the guy who threw the switch.  Other folks seem to like to recite the story of Chelsea Clinton, who met a highly decorated Marine during her mom’s try for the Democratic nomination and upon telling the Marine he must not be afraid of anything, he replied that he was afraid of only three things.

    When she asked him what they were he said,“Obama, Osama and your mama.”

    These stories illustrate the fears of most of the electorate.  Age and power, or waffling on issues.

    A great idea came to my friend Tom Cordova and me one day last week on how to resolve these problems while we were sitting in the Starlight Inn.

    Watching Ben “Paco” Archuleta, the proprietor tends to his customers made us think he would be an ideal candidate for the President of these United States.

    Why would we think that a bartender of his caliber would make a good Prez­?

    For one thing, he doesn’t think the customer is always right. In fact most of the time the customer is wrong. With this thinking Mr. Archuleta wouldn’t be promising everybody everything.

    He doesn’t push people into buying something they don’t want. What ever they order is perfectly all right with him. Wouldn’t that be refreshing in the nation’s capitol?

    Somebody not trying to sell you some snake oil to improve your life if only you would let the government tax you for it. And of course it’s bound to cost way more than what they say it will.

    This brings up another point. You get what you pay for no more and no less. If you want a beer that’s what you get. But you’d better pay for it. No budget deficits at the Starlight I can tell you. Just the program for the country.  A pay as you go economy.  There’s no free booze at Paco’s.

    As far as handling disputes, we’ve already seen that the customer is more wrong than right but he takes no guff from anyone and will use what force is necessary to achieve peace in his bar.  What a difference between his actions and those of our state department and others who cozey up to our sworn enemies.

     Citizens of Walsenburg and Huerfano County here’s your chance to make a difference on Election Day.  If you feel as many others do don’t elect another politician into the White House.  Write in that Independent candidate Benjamin Archuleta, endorsed by his regular customers Tom and myself. (No we didn’t get a free beer for this ad.)

    And no, Ben Archuleta did not approve this ad either.

        Jerry Skrzynear

Dear Editor:

    Drunk driving is no accident—nor is it a victimless crime.  Every year we continue to see far too many people suffer debilitating injuries or the loss of their loved ones as a result of impaired driving. This careless, vicious cycle must come to an end. What will it take for Americans to understand the dangers of driving while impaired? When is enough, enough? Where is the outrage? There must be an urgency to remove impaired drivers from our nation’s roads.

    During 2006 alone, more than 13,000 people were killed in highway crashes involving a driver or motorcycle rider with an illegal blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of .08 or higher. The picture for motorcycle riders is particularly bleak. Forty one percent of the 2,007 motorcycle riders who died in single-vehicle crashes in 2006 had BAC levels of .08 or higher.

    The human toll is only half the picture. Crashes cost the Nation billions of dollars each year. Drunk driving is not only dangerous, but also a serious, costly crime at best. That’s why local law enforcement officers will be out in force to arrest impaired drivers wherever and whenever they find them during this year’s Drunk Driving. Over the Limit. Under Arrest (August 15 – September 1, 2008) crackdown.

    Driving impaired is just not worth the risk. Not only do you risk killing yourself or someone else, but the trauma and financial costs of a crash or an arrest for impaired driving can be significant. Violators often face jail time, the loss of their driver’s license, higher insurance rates, attorney fees, time away from work, and dozens of other expenses. 

    The truth of the matter is, Drunk Driving. Over the Limit. Under Arrest campaign is a step in the right direction, but it will take more than crackdowns, programs and lowering of the alcohol limit to save lives and keep drunk drivers off the road. It requires personal responsibility – a responsibility that must ultimately rest with the driver.

    As a nation, we have made great strides in reducing the deadly cost of impaired driving. The threat to our citizens is dire. Driving impaired is one of the most frequent crimes in America, killing someone every 39 minutes.

    With the holiday season closing in on our heels we must pay even closer attention to our road buddies. Remember that there is no excuse for impaired driving that will satisfy a police officer or a court. Do the right thing this holiday season and throughout the year. The next time you decide to put your pedal to the metal, think first. As the old cliché says, “the life you save, may be your own.”

    Alcohol, drugs and driving simply don’t mix – don’t take the chance. Drunk Driving. Over the Limit. Under Arrest.

    For more information, visit

    Terri Blessman