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Letters to editor for October 16, 2009

Letters of Thanks

    The Spanish Peaks International Celtic Music Festival wishes to give its heartfelt thanks to The Huerfano Journal for the paper’s generous sponsorship this year and most especially its editors’ tremendous support in word and action that played such a key role in the success of our 2008 festival. 

    We also wish to thank the Journal’s readership, many of whom donated much needed financial support, while many more volunteered hours of their time leading up to and/or during the festival itself.  We thank all of you who gave in whatever way you could to help the festival achieve its fourth success.

    We have a dedicated hard working committee, and this year we had an equally dedicated team of excellent part-time volunteers.  Without them, and the financial support given by the community, there could be no festival.  The festival is expensive, very complex, and demanding of many talents and many months of team-work preparation.

    Actual work on the festival begins mid-October.  There is the initial planning and budgeting of the festival, including selecting artists and teachers.  There is the scheduling of all the jobs leading up to the September event, which includes: publicity and marketing, distribution of promotional materials, regular updating of our website, design of the school programs, fundraising, grant writing, answering emails and phone calls all year long, and closer to the time, finding housing for the artists, organizing their airport pick-ups, preparing and running the office, ticket sales, sales tables, setting up the park stage, organizing venues for classes, workshops and concerts, hanging banners, planning the technical aspects of so many events, keeping running financial accounts, and on and on and on.  So many details and they all have to be brought together in such a way that the festival runs smoothly and effortlessly so as to guarantee performers and participants a thoroughly happy and fulfilling experience.  To all of you who helped us make the 2008 festival such an event, the Festival Committee and I thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

    Given our country’s dire economic downturn, we are still undecided as to whether we should attempt a further festival.  We would be grateful to hear from you as to how you value the festival as a Huerfano County annual event.  We would also urge any of you who feel you can contribute towards a fifth festival with your time, talents or financial sponsorship to let us know this too.   We welcome your support and your help.


    Barbara Yule,

    Festival Director

Comments can be addressed to the Huerfano Journal and/or to: SPI Celtic Music Festival, PO Box 414, Gardner 81040

Dear Editor,

    It hardly seems possible, but another Oktoberfest has come and gone! The final numbers aren’t in yet, but it appears as if the 2008 festival was the best one yet! 

    An event of this size takes a lot of planning.  We couldn’t have pulled it off without a lot of help.  To name everyone who lent a helping hand (either physically, through donations of equipment or through donations of prizes) would take at least a page, so we’d like to take this opportunity to extend one great, big THANK YOU! And thank you, too, to all the members of the Oktoberfest Committee.  We made it through another one!

    I was listening to a piece on National Public Radio last week about how local festivals are being hurt by our current economic situation.  In fact, NPR spotlighted a couple of festivals in Colorado for that particular piece, both of which receive public money for their particular event and both of which had to be downsized because of the lack of funds.  And at that point I felt a sense of great satisfaction and pride in the fact that this community manages to put on such a great event each year, and it’s all done without public funding and by individuals who donate countless hours!  The money collected at Oktoberfest (through booth, beer and raffle ticket sales) is used to fund the Candy Cocco Memorial Student Award Fund and to stage the following year’s festival.  Additionally, the Oktoberfest Committee makes donations throughout the year to members of our community who have met with unfortunate circumstances of one type or another. 

    Thanks again to all of you who helped with this year’s event and to all of you who attended Oktoberfest.  We hope everyone had a great time!


    Oktoberfest Committee

    Twin Peaks Rodder

    Car Club

    The La Veta Fire Protecton District would like to thank everyone who helped and/or donated blood at the hugely successful Bonfils blood drive during Oktoberfest.  We obtained 32 units of life-saving blood, which included five first time donors.  You truly are special and your time and kindness are greatly appreciated.  Thank you also to the Oktoberfest Committee, our awesome promoter and Oktoberfest M.C., Shane Clouse, the Town of La Veta for parking space, Charlie’s Market and the L.V. Library for hosting sign-up sheets.  Again, we express our sincere appreciation to the fantastic donors and all who participated in any way.


    The family of David Marquez would like to thank everyone for their support they’ve given us in the loss of our husband, father and grandfather.

    We are extremely grateful for Romero Funeral Home, especially for Mr. Nick Herrera, Mr. Bill Duran, Pastor Bob Woody of the Tabernacle Baptist Church, Huerfano County School District Re-1, Military Honor Guard of Pueblo, and Mrs. Angela Jennings.  Thank you for your cards, phone calls, prayers and support. Hebrews 6:10 KJV 

Vote No on 48

    Proposed Amendment 48 has far reaching negative consequences for women. This amendment would grant legal rights to a fertilized egg, even before it is attached to the womb.  This amendment would take away the human and political rights that women have struggled to obtain. 

    Prior to Roe vs. Wade, women were defined by their sex role and reproduction role.   That Supreme Court decision redefined women’s role and allowed them to freely choose to become a mother and to become a fully developed human being who could strive for personal achievement.

    This amendment would return women to the old “barefoot and pregnant” world.  It would deny women the contraceptives which prevent a fertilized egg from attaching to the womb, such as the “morning after pill.”  It would interfere with life saving procedures, X-rays, surgery, dental work, and most medicines that might effect the development of a fetus. Women of child bearing age might have to be tested before any procedure could be done.

    To be human is to reach for achievement.  A fertilized egg, a zygote, cannot achieve.

    I will VOTE AGAINST this amendment.    

    Norma Jean Wilson

Vote yes on 1B to remove term limits for sheriff

    Buried deep in the massive ballot this November is an important measure which needs Huerfano County voters’ attention. Issue 1B removes the two term limit on our Huerfano County Sheriff position. Voting yes on this measure will allow voters to decide if they want to retain the sheriff rather than having the ‘state’ make the sheriff leave the position after two terms. Vote yes on 1B so that voters can determine the county’s law enforcement leadership.

    Steve Perkins


Remove sheriff’s term limits

    I am writing in regards to eliminating term limits. Sheriff Bruce Newman has been an exceptional sheriff for Huerfano County. Sheriff Newman is currently restricted from  being re-elected in two years, by term limits.

    In November, Huerfano County has the opportunity to eliminate term limits for sheriff. If we do not vote to eliminate term limits, we could lose one of the best, if not the finest law enforcement officers in Huerfano County/Southern Colorado.

    We strongly urge you to vote to remove term limits for the office of sheriff. The following favor eliminating the term limits for the office of sheriff:

    Daniels Towing and Auto Repair, Greg and Terri Daniels; Charlie’s Market, Don and Mitzi Keairns; Spoon River Real Estate, Bob Pierotti; William and Glenda Petlock; All Seasons Real Estate, Jimbo and Terri Wetsel; Gene and Jane Konzem; Hugh French; George Birrer; Sporleder Feeds, Eric Sporleder; Walsenburg Insurance Center, Tom Powell; Simon and Bernice Aguirre; Napa Auto Parts, John and Rosemary Luginbill; La Plaza Inn, Martie Henderson; George’s Drive Inn, Tony Amidei; Andy’s Smokehouse Barbeque, Andy Popejoy; Paul and Linda Neldner; Cheryl Harwig; Sulphur Springs Guest Ranch; Chae’ Organics, Frank Maggio, Linda Chae’; Jill Hake; John and Valerie Stephenson; Roger and Susie Langenheim.

    Gene Konzem

Be Honest With Ourselves

    Rage is creeping into this presidential campaign. Why?

    It′s normal for us to be frustrated at the current financial crisis our country is undergoing.  How could we, you may ask, go from a large budget surplus to deficit spending, a staggering national debt, and potential financial collapse in eight short years? 

    Being passionate about wanting to recover your retirement investments and save your homes is good. 

    But why the vicious outbursts at some of the McCain/Palin rallies and the irrational diatribes in some letters to the editor?  How can otherwise normal Americans shout such things at rallies as "treason," "terrorist," "kill him," "off with his head"?  CNN contributor David Gergen said Thursday that the negative tone of these rallies is "incendiary" and could lead to violence.  One crowd member at a Palin rally last Monday hurled a racial epithet at an African-American member of the press.  The Secret Service has started investigations.

    Certainly, this is a free country.  Voters have every right to disagree with some of Obama′s proposals.  Voters may indeed think it′s wrong to raise taxes on the super-rich and to give a tax break to all those making less than $250,000 per year. Some sincere Americans may feel it′s possible to "win" in Iraq.  Some may think veterans are already getting too many breaks.  These are all issues, not personality traits.  It would be unusual if there weren′t some legitimate disagreement during a political campaign.  How many of us, however, are talking about the issues?

    But there′s something else going on here. Let′s admit it, at least to ourselves. Some of us continue to carry in our hearts deep-seeded prejudices, passed on, perhaps, by our parents and grandparents from an earlier, darker stage of American history.  We may not even realize it. 

    Still, our nation has come a long way in this regard. Fortunately, millions of Americans have become more educated and intelligent and now readily accept that America is made up of all nationalities, races and religions.  We overcame an anti-Catholic bias to elect John F. Kennedy.  But, you might think, at least Kennedy was white. 

    Today, in the 21st century, it is no longer socially acceptable to express certain bigoted views directly in public even if we use them at home.  We seek other ways to get our voices heard.  That may be why some people have seized upon websites that publish unfounded and scurrilous personal attacks on Barack Obama. 

    Many of these sites are run by bigots and kooks, but they provide fodder for those whose own inclinations cry out for validation from others. These people seem not to be studying the issues facing America and Huerfano County, but rather looking for arguments to support their biases.

    The Obama campaign has restrained itself from personal attacks against his opponent.  Obama respects the sacrifices McCain has made for his country; he simply disagrees with McCain′s politics.  If you′re enamored by what websites are producing, Google "McCain and PTSD," or "McCain Hothead," then judge for yourself which candidate might be the "risky choice."

    McCain′s mean-spirited, not entirely true or fair, campaign ads may have let the cat out of the bag so that the candidate has lost control of this bitterness among his supporters.  The Associated Press reported that "when a visibly angry man… told the candidate ′I′m really mad′ because of ′socialists taking over the country,′ McCain stoked the sentiment. ′I think I got the message,′ he said. ′The gentleman is right.′" 

    The thrashing about looking for American voters′ magic button by the Republican Party in this election shows panic and has tarnished Senator McCain′s image.  The former Republican Governor of Michigan William Milliken, a Republican, told a Grand Rapids newspaper he was "disappointed in the tenor and the personal attacks on the part of the McCain campaign.  He is not the McCain I endorsed."  Christopher Buckley, a writer for the conservative National Review, praised McCain in a New York Times piece earlier this year.  On Friday, however, he endorsed Barack Obama and concluded McCain is no longer the “real” and “unconventional” man he once admired and "This campaign has changed John McCain."

    Let′s hope the campaign has changed all of us for the better.  Let′s hope, come Election Day, we′ll be able to vote with a clear conscience for a candidate who has been specific and consistent on the issues.

    Jim Holbrook

True Americans

    How can a TRUE AMERICAN even consider voting for Barack Hussein Obama?   This man is not an American.  A friend of mine told me that her husband watched the DNC and neither Obama nor his wife saluted the flag for the Pledge of Alligance  nor did they stand for the National Anthem.  I didn’t watch either the DNC or the Republican Convention. To me that is being UNAMERICAN!!!!!!!!!

    There is still the question of Obama being born in Hawaii or Kenya.  I heard that a judge is ordering him to produce his birth certificate and naturalization papers.  If they find he was not born in Hawaii then he cannot be President or even a Senator.

We will see.  Maybe.  Go to

    Whether you are Democrat or Republican, you do not have to vote your party.  I have heard so many people say they have to vote the party they are registered for.  That is not true.  You vote for the right person.  The person that will be the better leader.  I am a Republican, but I have voted for Democratic leaders.  At this election I will be voting for the right person to run this country.  I firmly believe that is NOT Barack Hussein Obama!!

    My husband has a great saying when it comes to trying to tell people right from wrong.  “Don’t confuse me with the facts, I have my mind made up”.  I have come to find that very true when talking to people about this upcoming election.  So many Democrats have blinders on and are being brain washed.  I’m sure Democrats say the same thing about Republicans.  However, at least Republicans are trying to stick

to our Constitution and the Bible.  Democrats seem to have thrown them completely away.  If you are a Christian how can you even consider backing someone who wants to kill babies before they are born?  That is MURDER!  Or even to say it’s okay for two people of the same sex to get married.  I was a Democrat when I was younger, just because my parents were.  After joining the Air Force and seeing some of the country, I changed to Republican.  I had my eyes opened and learned which party stands for American Values.

     Linda Neldner


    The simple, brute-force, instant-gratification, deregulation philosophy professed by the John McCain/Sarah Palin ticket is too frightening for conscientious citizens to remain silent any longer. McCain and Palin have turned REALITY on its head with arguments that numb the mind.

    They say they are proud to be from the party of responsibility but acknowledge little connection between policy and global warming, environmental degradation, and a broken economy.

    They push the adolescent mentality of “shock and awe” (and the financial equivalent–“sub and prime”) when difficult goals are seldom achieved through a gambler’s irresponsibility or contempt for history.

    They say they are for a free market but have forgotten that for market capitalism to work, it calls for transparency, ethics and rules. Deregulation has in our country’s history produced the 1929 Stock Market Crash, the Savings and Loan Debacle of the 1980s (remember the Keating Five), and the multi-trillion dollar Credit Default Swaps that are at the moment bringing down entire nations.

    They say put “country first” but mock those taxpayers who understand the connection between patriotism, paying taxes, and the general health of the country.  I guess that’s why 76% of America’s corporations paid no taxes last year and the after-tax income of the top one percent of Americans rose 228 percent from the late 1970s through 2005. Yet the earnings of average Americans have remained flat for four decades. DOES PALIN NOT KNOW THAT HISTORY IS FULL OF NATIONS WHICH HAVE FALLEN BECAUSE OF BANKRUPT TREASURIES?  When the rich stop paying their fair share, the world gets a burning Rome, an eighteenth century French Revolution, weak confederations that collapse, and Credit Default Swaps.

    They say free markets will balance all economic issues but back President Bush’s 700 billion dollar government intervention into the private market and buying foreclosed houses at inflated market value.  Let the American treasury take the loss.

    They say they are for every American even though McCain owns seven houses, fifteen cars, and did not mention the “middle class” one time in either of his two ninety minute debates.

    They say they are “mavericks,” but McCain has worn the Republican brand for at least thirty years and voted for Bush policies over 90% of the time these last three years.

    They push “drill, baby drill” as the main solution to America’s severe energy crises. However, even if we can get a few more off-shore rigs up and running in two years instead of ten, America cannot become a proactive, self-sufficient, prosperous nation again by drilling alone. We need a paradigm shift!

    They want to preserve life, but have endorsed two preemptive wars that are going to cost the American people over a trillion dollars and thousands of lives.

    They say they want to reduce the number of underinsured but would eliminate the tax break for employer-provided insurance, thus throwing more of the working class into the pool of uninsured.  Incidentally, McCain also has plans to deregulate the health care industry so it can fail as badly as our poor deregulated financial markets.

    They say greed is good when the essence of maturity is empathy, a sense of community, and a sense of nation as our larger community.

    Sarah Palin said she did not even blink before accepting the opportunity to run for vice-president. George Bush said he never bothered to negotiate with himself. Isn’t it time to stop voting for people who declare that intuition, gut reactions, and cocky pronouncements make good policy? 

    Charles W. and

    Kay Beth Avery

On Obama

    I have been reading letters by David Gnaizda, who seems to have set himself up as a self-proclaimed expert on the accomplishments of Barack Obama.

    As for Obama never being accused of being a hothead or impulsive, we don’t live with him 24/7 so we don’t know that for sure. As far as being labeled cerebral and intellectual, used car salesmen and insurance salesmen also appear to be cerebral and intellectual. The fact that Obama was raised by a single mother is irrelevant, AND is no qualification for the Presidency. As far as graduating from Columbia and Harvard Magna cum Laude, affirmative action probably had a major role in that.  Others and I graduated Magna cum Laude; does that qualify us for the Presidency?

    Many people with PhD’s have become destitute and derelict.  Without common sense to utilize education properly, all the education in the world does not guarantee success. If Obama is a thoughtful and prudent "poker player", why does he go around telegraphing his strategy for capturing Bin Laden to the enemy? If terrorists attack this country again, what’s he going to do: talk nice to them and hope they go away; or give them what they want at our expense? Has Obama ever been tested in a foreign crisis, or is this going to be "on the job training"?

    In this paper, Oct. 2, p.5, I gave historical evidence that no one party is to blame for our current economic problems.  In fact, the Democrats have a history of tax and spend.  They think the only way to solve a problem is to throw money at it without accountability. My biggest concern in this election is if we are going to be attacked again by terrorists, the economy is going to be the last thing on people’s minds.

    V.A. Blaine

Make decisions on facts

    The dialogue that began as a spirited partisan debate has decayed into malicious rumor mongering.  Spurious innuendo, code words, half truths and outright lies under banner headlines, I fear for the integrity of our country, certainly for the integrity of our electoral process.  You can print anything about a "public person," but doesn′t there have to be some underlying respect for the office, for the truth?

    The internet has transformed democracy.  Unknown voices, unsigned memorandum, unclaimed words can spread vile and hateful mistruths which the gullible and willing latch onto as gospel.   In minutes I tracked down the recently circulated "Fifty Lies" email, which is a currently hot bit of viral trash.  In seconds, at and at, I found the email and the refutation of every single claim.  Most were outright lies and the rest were blatant misrepresentations and distortions.  There has to be some honor here, this is not some child′s game.  In less than three weeks we are going to determine the future of the entire world. We will declare whether we are committed to being good citizens of the earth or the school yard bully. 

    If you support the Democratic platform of good jobs with good pay, affordable health care, equal opportunity for women and a world class public education, vote Democratic.  If you believe in a fair tax code and reforming Wall Street, vote Democratic.  If you care about revitalizing our military and honoring our vets, vote Democratic,   If you respect the Constitution and human rights, vote with us.  For the working people who make America great, for diversity, for the Bill of Rights, for peace and prosperity, vote for Barack Obama, Mark Udall, John Salazar and the Democratic ticket.  But whatever you do, please, make your decisions on facts not fictions. 

    David Gnaizda, Chairman

    Huerfano County

    Democratic Party

More on Obama

    First I would like to thank Mr. Gnaizda for being civil in his responses to my previous letters.  All of my detractors have not been.  Let us respectfully agree to disagree.

    Since Mr. Gnaizda is the chairman of the local Democratic Party, it is his duty to sell his candidate.  Since I am not chairman of anything, I am trying to get people to think!

    Mr. Gnaizda would have us believe that Barack Obama is PERFECT!  The last “perfect” human being was Jesus Christ, and we all know what happened to him!  On at least two occasions Obama has “clanked up” on TV.  Do we want a president that “clanks up” on a “Pearl Harbor” or 911” occasion?

    In the 9-08 issue of the Huerfano Journal there are several reports of Obama losing his temper and he and his supporters abusing the opposition.  Is that the kind of criminal behavior (verbal assault) we want from our next president?

    “People are known by the company they keep”.  Is Obama’s long term association with known criminals, socialist terrorists, radical Muslim leaders and radical preachers to be forgotten?  Thomas Sowell’s column in the Pueblo Chieftain, “Opinion Column, pg. 4A, dated Oct. 7, ‘08 raises further questions about Obama’s qualifications for public office.

    John McCain is not a perfect human being, and he has admitted it many times.  Barack Obama is not a perfect human being either but I have never heard him admit to being imperfect.  McCain has admitted having a temper problem.  But surviving 5 ½ years in a communist POW camp demonstrates he can control it.  He would not have survived the “Hanoi Hilton” if he had not controlled his temper.  McCain appears to have learned from his mistakes.  Obama does not even appear to have learned to admit his mistakes, let alone learn from them!  Think about that Huerfanos.   

    Jerry Price

McCain running scared

    John McCain is running scared, very scared… Not of losing the election,  not of Obama, Biden, Palen but of the fringe members of society he and his negative campaign masters have unleashed…. You can see it at every rally where McCain has to rein them in….  Hate, fear, suspicion, mistrust, all negative attacks, McCain says nothing positive about himself. McCain must be wondering how much longer he can go on and still call himself a man?

    Once a statesman, once a hero we must ask ourselves, does a man who is willing to sell his soul to defile his opponent deserve to be President? 

    Ken Back


    Sarah Palin is a secessionist.  She has been ordained by God, imbedded by shady Alaskan secessionists to use the Presidency to create an enormous emergency distraction to grab resource rich Alaska from our republic.  Wow!

    I just made that up. It’s bullcrap, but I bet you could find it on the internet. All that conspiracy stuff can make you feel tingly and intrigued.  It ought to because that’s a normal response to it.  This is the truth.  Barack Obama is not a Muslim.  He is not a liar and does not have a terrorist bone in his body.

    In all of my life I have never gotten in more trouble than I have by listening to liars.  Now, repeat that line then ask yourself – have those Neocons abused us enough?  Or, do we need a bigger load of this?   It seems to me they have us by the ankles literally shakin’ the change right outta our pockets.

    R. Lee Savageau


    The most frightening thing that could happen as a result of the coming election is that Democrats, a party being financed, managed, and controlled by the radical liberal fringe, might end up being in charge of all three branches of the government of the United States.

    The agenda of the radical left is to replace capitalism with socialism. Unlike freedom-loving capitalism, which rewards individuality, independence, ambition, and hard work, socialism dampens freedom and rewards mediocrity, conformity,  and submissiveness.

    A capitalistic America has improved, lengthened, and saved the lives of millions of people all around the world.

    Socialism encourages dependency on government. Through taxation, it takes wealth away from those who are willing enough to earn it and distributes it to those who aren¹t, all in the interest of making things "fair" and making everyone "equal." Socialism punishes achievement.

    Murdering babies, born or unborn, is fundamentally wrong, but if Democrats gain control, the rights to an abortion will be promoted and strengthened.

    The traditional and legal right to own guns will be seriously jeopardized if Democrats gain control. Barack Obama, who has voted many times against the rights of gun owners, would join Congressional Democrats to eliminate or restrict the provisions of the second amendment.

    If Democrats gain control, businesses will be heavily taxed. They will have less money to invest in expansion of their businesses, and less money to spend on hiring new workers.

    Another blow to free enterprise will be the government-aided rise of unions, to which Democrats are beholden. Workers will lose the right to a private vote on whether to join a union, setting them up for intimidation from union thugs.

    Our national security will suffer if Democrats have their way. They’ve consistently voted against wiretaps on overseas calls from suspected terrorists; they’ve opposed government inspection of international bank accounts that funnel charity money to terrorists; they want terrorists at war with the U.S. to have legal rights equal to U. S. citizens; and they want the United Nations, an international body that hates the United States, to decide when, where, and how we fight against those who would destroy America.

    I fear that, instead of taking the fight to the enemy when (not if) it becomes necessary, a Democrat-controlled government will chose to weaken our military and our country and make concessions to our enemies.

    Already, over the period of the last 25 years, socialism has crept into our school system. Children are no longer taught about American exceptionalism. Neither are they taught about the founding of our nation, the principles of our Constitution, how democracy thrives and grows in a capitalistic system, or how America has been and still is the greatest country the world has ever seen. America leads all nations in providing food, charity, and technology that helps the people of the world toward longer lives and easier, more prosperous lifestyles.

    Democrats want Americans to give up their comfortable lifestyles and suffer along with the rest of the world. They want us to quit using tried and true sources of energy, like oil, to power our lives. Oil built this country, it is the fuel that drives our economy.

    One of the most serious results of a Democrat win for the presidency will be the possibility that one or two leftist judges could be appointed to the U.S. Supreme Court. Instead of basing their rulings  on the principles of the U.S. Constitution, these judges will legislate from the bench, interpreting the law of the land through the filter of liberal opinion instead of constitutional law.

    Perhaps even more important will be the new government’s actions to reinstate the so-called "fairness doctrine." Liberal Democrats want to silence conservative talk radio, the only medium that fairly presents conservative views on political issues. Freedom of speech in America will be dealt a devastating blow. Where then, will we be able to hear the truth?

    If Obama is elected, and if Republicans cannot regain control of the U.S. Senate, then radical liberalism will hold sway in America for at least the next two years. Who knows how long it will take us to recover?

    Darrell Arnold

Support Salazar

Dear Editor

    On Thursday October 9th, 3rd Congressional District Representative John Salazar (D), with most of his key staff members, met in Walsenburg with Huerfano and Las Animas County citizens who have suffered the negative impacts of Coal Bed Methane extraction.

    The people who attended that meeting, Democrats and Republicans, probably never thought of themselves as "community organizers" or "political activists."  But they are.  They used their Constitutional power to petition their elected representatives and, in the best tradition of American democracy, Representative John Salazar responded to that call.

    He spent hours touring the area with Commissioners Art Bobian and Roger Cain, County Administrator John Galusha, Mayor Edie Sheldon, Ben Bounds and Richard Goodwin of River Ridge and Al Tucker, Chairman of the Major′s Ranch Environmental Impact Committee who organized and chaired the meeting.  Also there were representatives of the Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission and the Colorado Department of Health and many concerned citizens.  Rep. Salazar visited the Corsentino Dairy and met with Brett Corsentino who showed him the damage to his crops caused by this highly salted water when it is dumped, untreated, into our watershed.  He listened and asked questions and acknowledged that that when your crops die or your water catches fire or your well house explodes there is a problem that must to be solved.  

    He promised to look into the unique geological formations that make our end of the Raton Basin so unstable.  He pledged to work to modernize the antique rules embodied in the General Mining Act of 1872.  We need his help.  He needs our vote.  Let′s send a message to those who would exploit our wealth without regard to our safety that Southern Colorado has never had a better advocate, for Democrats and Republicans, than John Salazar.  Let′s make sure we send him back to work for us on November 4th.

    David Gnaizda, Chairman

    Huerfano County

    Democratic Party