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Letters to editor for June 19

Dear Editor,

    I am writing in response to the letter published in the huerfano world, Thurs., June 12. I would like to enlighten the writer of that letter, that I tape-recorded the Gardner fire board meeting on May 29, for accuracy in my article. Being the importance of the meeting, I wanted to ensure ALL the facts were CORRECT when I wrote the article, using the tape recording. There was no doubt that everything in the article was accurate, including direct quotes. We were both present at that meeting; maybe you didn’t see my tape recorder.


        Carol Stevens

Dear Mr. Thief,

    Thank you for stealing our money.  Because of your greed, the little kids will miss out on new books and furniture.  Now the patrons who enjoy reading and looking up important information on the internet have to wait for us to raise more money to replace the money that you stole from us.  We hope you are proud of your actions and we hope you bought something nice with the money you took (not).  You are a COWARD and a common THIEF.

NOTE:  Sometime between the hours of 4 pm Saturday June 7th and 9 am Monday June 9th, someone broke into the Spanish Peaks Library District and absconded with a large Deep Rock water bottle filled with cash and change earmarked for the library’s expansion fund.  This crime directly affected the children’s and YA/Teen programs.  Any information leading to the culprit(s) would be greatly appreciated.

    Spanish Peaks Library         District Kidz Klub and         Youth Advisory Council

    I would like to thank everyone who donated to the Paperback Trading Post team members or to myself for  the Relay for Life Cancer Walk June 13-14.  Our team raised over $1,800!

    Team members were Anita Cordova, Ernie Pino, Diana Roth, Lorraine Lucero, Theresa Martinez, Ellen (Lena) Aguirre, Michelle Starling, Paul Trujillo, Gloria and Dean Vigil, Leslie Amidei-Bak, Pam Weitting and family.

    Donators were:  Hollowpoint Sporting Goods, Walsenburg Lumber, Pawn Shop, George Hudran, .38 Special Discount Wines and Liquors, Daniels Towing and Auto Repair, Gabe’s Emergency Service, Edla’s Yarns, Mike’s Coffee House, Marian Tressell, Mary Bohannan, Larry Mapes, Crown Lanes, J.M. Tire, Tes’, Chipita Accessories, Alpine Rose Cafe, George’s Drive In, Marti Henderson, NAPA, Carl’s Jr., Maria’s Tanning and Barber Salon, Walsenburg Care Center, Fern Sandoval, Manuel and Dixie Sandoval, Pat and Roger Schalla, Cash Advance of America, Gregg Bradbury, Lisa Martinez, Don and Mary Martinez, Virgil and Irene Ladurini, Rambler 66, Los Cuervos, the Wonderful House, Susan’s Flowers, FOX Theatre and the Huerfano Journal.

    To all these great people of Walsenburg, and beyond…  Thank You.

    Danelle Martinez

To: Huerfano Journal

Re: Our current Congress

    I always felt good about being an American and that all of us are equal citizens.  If so, then why are the following facts true?

1.  All of our Congress folks have their own retirement plan, which is 100% better than Social Security.  Then they take our hard earned monies that we paid in over years of hard work and borrow from it.

2.  All of our Congress folks have gas cards that they use for both business and personal, so why would they care about energy?  It does not affect them.

3.  All of our Congress folks have the best health plans in the world and do not pay a dime for it.

    I want us, as citizens of the United States to pass laws that we are all created equal.  Just watch then what would happen!

    Dorothy Mihanovich


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