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Las Animas County Republican Caucus

LAS ANIMAS — On Tuesday, March 6, the Las Animas County Republican Central Committee (LACRCC) hosted precinct caucuses for the county’s 16 precincts. The caucuses kicked off the 2018 election cycle and were used to select the party’s delegates to the Republican Party county assembly that will be held on Saturday, March 24 at 9 am at the Hoehne High School. Each precinct’s voters also appointed precinct co-chairs, who will represent them for the next two years on the county’s Republican central committee.

With over 100 voters attending county wide, they nominated 80 delegates to the county assembly and filled 25 of the central committee’s 32 precinct co-chair positions.

LACRCC Secretary Troy Walker noted that while voter turnout is generally lower in non-presidential election years, the precincts that had the best “Get out the vote” efforts had the best overall results.

Walker stated he is hopeful that a continued push towards “grassroots” political involvement will result in better representation of the concerns of rural Colorado voters in this fall’s general election.