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La Veta Volleyball District Champions

by Dreama Ortivez

LA VETA- The La Veta volleyball girls continued their hot streak when they traveled to Custer County last Friday to compete in Districts.  The ladies are now 22-0 going into Regionals.  “What more could a coach ask for?” asked Coach Lessar.

    The “Kill Sisters,” as they like to be called, made short work of their first match-up against the lady Bobcats from Custer County.  The lady Redskins shattered the Bobcats in three games, 25-18, 25-18 and 25-11.  The Redskins had a slow start, but as they got warmed up, it did not take them long to take care of business.  Brianna Crump led the team with 9 kills; Betsy Trenckmann and Sami Willhoite had 7; Christina Koutnik had 6;  Karley Corsentino had 4. 

    The ladies then hit the floor again to dominate the Sanford Indians.  This game was much like the first one as the lady Redskins took care of business.  In three games, 25-12, 25-23 and 25-16, the Kill Sisters found themselves advancing to the last game of the day, which was for the district championship.  Koutnik was on as she had 9 kills for the game with Crump following with 7, Day and Willhoite with 6 each and Trenckmann with 5.

    Watching the lady Redskins kept the crowd on their feet as they triumphed over the lady Farmers from Sargent High School.  The lady Redskins won the first match 25-22 but were unable to defeat the lady Farmers in the second match which they won 19-25.  By this time the crowd was roaring and the lady Redskins were determined to meet their goal to become district champs.  As game three began, it was apparent they were focused and they won, 25-19.  The lady Redskins made short work of match four as they overpowered the Farmers 25-15.

    Tomorrow the Redskins will travel to Pueblo to take action at the Regional Volleyball tournament.  The tournament will be held at Pueblo County High School, and action will begin around 10 am.  “This team set a goal to be district champs and we′re proud to have achieved that goal,” stated Coach Lessar. 

    At the regional tournament tomorrow, the Redskins will face Swink once again and the Sargent Farmers for the fourth time this season.  They will then face off with the lady Grizzlies from Fowler for the first time since La Veta moved to 2A in 2008. 

    According to CHSAA, the Redskins and the Grizzlies are the only teams that remain unbeaten this season.  The lady Grizzles are 23-0.  “With the strength of the teams in our region, Friday′s play should be very good volleyball and the teams that qualify for state will do well there,” stated Coach Lessar.

    Good luck Kill Sisters all the way to State!