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La Veta Town Board accepts Grandote re-plat

by Carol Dunn

LA VETA– In a unanimous decision, the La Veta Town Board accepted the application for re-plat of Lots 28-35, 37 and 38, Filing 1 of the Grandote subdivision.  Dan Wachob described the language changes that had been made in the application since the Board’s last review.  The buyers in the subdivision will acknowledge that the Town does not own and is not responsible for the ingress/egress streets – they are private.  Six lots will have driveway access restrictions.  A final public hearing on the re-plat will be held on February 3 at 6:45 pm.

    Rodney Lang of GMS Consulting Engineers updated the Board on the water system project.  It was Lang’s opinion that the new diversion structure would be delivered in the next week or so.  He also expects that work will begin on Francisco Street within the same time frame.  Lang said the Oak to Cuchara portion of the project would be last because of the asphalt patching that will be required on State Highway 12.  Lang presented a request for a draw against the water project grant in the amount of $222,014.13.  Of that amount, $204,758.37 will go to Pate Construction and $17,255.76 goes to GMS.  The Town retains five percent of the contract until the project is completed.

    The Town’s water attorney notified the Board that a case is pending in District 2 water court which will require the Goemmers to augment the evaporative loss of water that gathers in the bottom of their gravel pit.  The augmentation will be accomplished by drying up one of the family’s acres of irrigated land.

    Town resident Reed White asked the Board to consider remedies for dishonest contractors.  In a letter read by Mayor Mickey Schmidt, Reed referred to a contractor’s license as a “license to steal” and suggested the Town institute a policy to discourage deadbeat contractors.  “Otherwise,” he said, “why bother with the licensing?”  Reed suggested a feedback system.  Mayor Schmidt said, “The new regional building department should be able to help with that.”  Then he added, “We’ll see what the attorney allows us to do.”  Trustee Dale Davis told the audience that the County is working on a method to get feedback on contractors and their projects.  He said another idea being considered is requiring contractors to hold a performance bond.  

    The Board approved a request by Susan Wyman on behalf of the Spanish Peaks Cycling Association to reserve the Park for registration, a barbeque and music as part of the 102-mile Stonewall Century Ride on August 15.  

    The Board approved a request by Dave and Sandra Molyneux to renew the liquor license for Sammie’s Restaurant.  

    Grant writer George Matthews introduced himself and told the Board about a grant proposal the La Veta School District will be developing to get funding for constructing a track with an all-weather surface.

    Town resident Don Lowell asked that the Town address the slippery/ muddy condition at Birch Street and Grand.  “If you stop at the stop sign,” he said, “you slide backward into the intersection.  The only way to get through is to run the stop sign,” he said, apologizing to Marshal Harold Willburn.  Trustee Davis said the maintenance crew is planning to put gravel on the trouble spot.  “We’re looking forward to better days on the streets,” Schmidt said. 

    Karen Bayci presented a request for a set-back variance for her house at 609 East Francisco.  The house is built in the east-west alley.  The Board asked Bayci to get a survey and bring the information to the next Town Board meeting, so the proper language can be used in a potential variance.

    In response to a question from the audience, Mayor Schmidt explained that CommNet has not given official notice that the cell tower is functioning.

    The Board will hold a workshop on a proposed “golf cart” ordinance on Feb. 2 at 6:30 pm at Town Hall.