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La Veta cancels election

by Carol Dunn
LA VETA- At its meeting on March 20, the La Veta Town Board cancelled its upcoming municipal election on April 3.
The only matter pending was election of Town Board officials, and there were not more candidates than positions available with no write-in candidates, so the election was unnecessary. The candidates who did not withdraw their petitions by the required deadline were declared elected officials for the Town of La Veta. The candidates will meet at Town Hall to determine, either by choice or drawing names from a hat, which three will have four-year terms and who gets the two-year term. Since Larry Klinke resigned after a critical date, his seat will be filled by appointment after the new Board is sworn in. In connection with the cancellation, the board changed the date for its next meeting back to April 3.
The board spoke with Mark Brunner, whose ministry, Upon the Rock, would like to lease a footprint of land at the La Veta airport in order to erect a building. Brunner said he has a party interested in leasing part of the building for aircraft storage. He also said he would like to use about half the building for non-aviation storage during the first ten-year term, and then a third in subsequent terms. The proposed lease amount is one cent per square foot per month. Brunner couldn’t pinpoint the exact spot for the building because the Town has no definitive map showing available hangar lots. Trustee Jerry Fitzgerald voiced his opinion that the town should get half of the building rental that Upon the Rock will receive, even though the town would not own the building. The board requested that Brunner bring a site plan to the next meeting and promised to take up the lease as a matter of old business before the new trustees take over.
On behalf of Friends of Francisco Fort History Museum, Peggy Arnold-Hoobler presented three requests to the board, all of which were approved. The first was to close Main Street for the Francisco Fort Day parade on July 28 from 10 to 11 am. The second was closure of Francisco Street from the alley to the phone company the same day. The third was use of town streets at Grandote Golf Course for a fundraising event. The “Older than Dirt 5K Run/Walk,” a joint effort with La Veta Rotary Club, will originate at Town Park at 9 am on Saturday, June 23 and progress to Grandote. Trustee Davis recommended having flaggers where the walkers will route cross Highway 12, and Arnold-Hoobler said she would check with the fire department for help.
Cass Cruz spoke to the board about a problem he had with discolored water at his residence on March 11. He said Rob Saint Peter, Shannon Shrout and Chris Knowles worked diligently to correct the problem. His letter to the board ended, “Good Job Guys.” Cruz also voiced his opinion about the possible reopening of the Blue Rooster restaurant/bar at 923 South Oak. Cruz said since the tavern has been closed, he has realized how a business like that degraded the quality of life in his neighborhood. Cruz cited property damages, noise, and numerous vehicles as negative effects due to the tavern. He stressed to the board that the commercial development permitting process remains important when businesses re-open. “You do not stop growth. You do not control growth. You only manage it,” he said.
The board approved zero setback variances on the site of a proposed CDOT building at 420 South Poplar. Davis reported that he and three other trustees met with Larry Johnson at the property, which belongs to CDOT and backs up to Locust Street. The setbacks will be on three sides of the building: 150 feet on the west, 70 feet on the north, and 70 feet on the south.
Edna Schmidt told the mayor and trustees that the museum board would like to let bids for adobe work needed on the Fort. She said the Historic Preservation Committee okayed putting a small shed roof along the south side of the adobe building to divert water. But Fitzgerald insisted the HPC did not approve the project by vote. The board agreed it would be acceptable to start the bid process, with the understanding that formal HPC approval will be needed before any work begins. The museum board wants to finish the work before the museum opens at the end of May.
From the audience, the board was asked, “When are we going to get our meters read again for water?” Keairns replied, “Rob didn’t think it was safe to open them up. I go by his recommendation; he’s the guy who’s licensed.” Erwin added that this month’s bill will also be estimated.
Mayor Don Keairns administered the oath and swore in newly hired Deputy Marshal Christy Deaver. The board approved a one-year lease at $1,800 with Ann Brgoch for 160 acres of grazing land near the Town Lakes. Erwin told the board that a man from Critter Gitterz will be capturing and removing from the area the muskrats that are contaminating the Town Lakes.