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La Veta Beautification is grateful for a wonderful, rainy summer season

by LaRissa Morris
LA VETA — The downtown of La Veta is looking great this summer with flowers in front of businesses and large blooming planters along Main and Francisco Streets, as well as the large beds on East Ryus Avenue.
This program is successful due to our faithful volunteers and your generous donations!

A big thank you for all of the donations to the program this year. They have made it possible for the program to thrive this summer and will allow us to decorate for the winter holiday season.

Also a big thank you to the volunteers that work endless hours throughout the year, watering daily, planting flowers, setting out and putting away large planters at the beginning and end of the season, picking up the large plant order from the green house, weeding and managing the Ryus beds, blowing the leaves and dirt off of the sidewalks, weeding the dirt squares around the trees on Main Street, and decorating the downtown with Holiday greenery and lights. We love to promote the beauty of our town and are so grateful for those that help us accomplish this.

Thank you to our faithful and tireless volunteers:
Lori Martin – Steve Knuth – Debbie Polilo – Kim Eldridge – Susan Hannaman – Patti Davis – Christina Madison – Marge Thomsen – David Koch – Lisa Walters – Russell and Tami Holiday – Karen Alexander –  Annie Moniet – Jose Aguirre – Alicia Morris – Jess Howard –  Clayton and Nancy Pasternak – Russell and Annalee Hickey
The donations we receive every year are a very important part of this program’s success.

A big thank you to our donors:
The Town of La Veta – Nelson and Catharine Lane – Bachman and Associates – La Veta Liquor – Sherrie Jones – Alys’ Restaurant – Sam and Ramona Knight – L&M Ranch – San Isabel – Sam Law Family – Karen and Tim O’brien – John and Julia Ford – Sandra Borthlick – Sue and Marc Williams – The Knowles Family – Marnie Camp – Billy and Judy Barlow – Andron Center for the Healing Arts – 1st National Bank of Trinidad – Basin Electric –  Patti and John Davis – Silver Shoe – Catherine Fowler – Heather and Glenn Gillis – Russel and Karen Austin – Robin Richard – Charlie’s Market – Don and Mitzi Kerns – Helen Hill  – Jim Vidamour.
Thank you for making our downtown beautiful!

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