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James Eccher elected Mayor of Walsenburg

Water issues and La Veta Fire Dept ballot measures pass

WALSENBURG– In what could be described as a landslide, Walsenburg native James Eccher beat incumbent Larry Patrick 638 votes to 275 votes Tuesday night.
Similar ratios showed up on other Walsenburg votes, with Clint Boehler defeating incumbent city councilman James Moore 34 votes to 11 votes for the Ward I council seat, and the City of Walsenburg property tax ballot going down 714 votes to 208 votes.
Ballot issues to end treasurer term limits, city clerk term limits, and making some offices appointive, all failed close to the three-to-one margin.
Elsewhere in the county, the Huerfano County Water Conservancy District ballots 5C and 5D both passed. 5C was 1,840 votes yes, and 1,281 votes no. 5D was 1,799 votes yes, and 1,325 votes no.
The La Veta Fire Protection District won their two ballot issues, with 5A getting 570 yes votes to 230 no votes, and 5B got 591 yes votes to 201 no votes.
Amendment 66, a state-wide ballot to raise taxes to fund schools, failed at a local and state level. In Huerfano County, it was 807 votes for it, and 1,616 votes against it.
Proposition AA, another statewide ballot, to put a retail tax on marijuana, passed here and statewide, with 1,250 voting yes, and 1,038 voting no locally.
In RE-1 school board elections, Dorothy Martinez defeated Dennis Hoyt, 1,006 to 524. Sherry Gomez uncontestedly won RE-1 District B, and Elisha Meadows and uncontestedly won District F.
The RE-1 Question 3A passed at 849 votes yes, and 808 votes no.
In the RE-2 La Veta school district, the votes were as follows: Ed Donovan, 381, Eleanor Foley, 371, Cindy Campbell, 305, Deborah Blouin, 213 and Annalee Hickey, 302 votes. The top three vote-getters will get board seats.
In uncontested Walsenburg elections, Walsenburg Treasurer Carol Penington-Roesch was re-elected. Charlie Montoya won a seat in Ward III, Craig Lessar won Ward VI, and James Baca won Ward III.
In Huerfano County, there are 4,294 registered voters, and 2,467 voted this election, for a 57.45% participation rate.