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In Memoriam – Brian Pacheco

Ryan Pacheco

5-10-1983 ~ 9-10-2016

Dear Brother,

Two years have gone by and I sit here and ponder

how very much I’d like to talk with you today.

There are so many things that we didn’t get to say.

I know how much you care for me and how much I care for you,

and each time that I think of you,

I know you’ll miss me, too.

An angel came and took you by the hand

and said your place was ready

in Heaven far above,

and you had to leave behind

all those you dearly loved.

You had so much to lose and so much to do.

It still seems impossible

that God was taking you

and though your life on earth is passed,

in heaven it starts anew.

You’ll live for all eternity,

just as God has promised you.

And though you walked through heaven’s gates,

we are never far apart,

for every time I think of you,

your right here,

deep within my heart.

Two years have gone by…

Ryan, you left us without warning,

not even a good-bye.

I can’t seem to stop

asking the question, why?

I didn’t see this coming

and it hit us by surprise.

When you left for heaven,

a part of me also died.

Your smile brightened anyone’s day,

no matter what they were going through,

and every day for the rest of my life,

I’ll be missing you.

We love you & miss you dearly,

Mom and Dad,

your brother, Stephen and sister Alex

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