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Ice House approved for beer and wine sales

by Marty Mayfield
KRTN Multi-Media
RATON — Raton City Commissioners, after no objection, approved the restaurant beer and wine license for the Ice House at the special city commission meeting Tuesday afternoon.
City manager Scott Berry told commissioners what they needed to do during the public hearing on the license application.  There was no one at the meeting to object so commissioners approved the application.  According to Jessica Van Buskirk, they will open the restaurant as soon as they get the license.
Commissioners approved Molzin Corbin for engineering services for Raton Crews Field.  There were four proposals for engineering services and, according to city clerk/treasurer Michael Anne Antonucci, Molzen Corbin graded the highest in the grading process.
The city will apply for a loan from DFA to purchase three new police vehicles.  The loan will be for $82,620 for four years.  Law Enforcement Protection fund monies will be used to equip the new vehicles.
Commissioners also approved the disposal of the old dispatch consoles as surplus equipment.  Chief Garcia noted the new ones are being installed and should be finished soon.
Commissioners also approved the appointment of individuals to man the polling places for the March 6, municipal election as well as the compensation for the long day of work.
Commissioners approved budget adjustment #7 for FY18.  Antonucci wanted to go ahead and pay vendors for the equipment while they wait for USDA to make payment to the city for the grant monies.
Raton City Commissioners will meet again on February 13, 2018 for their next regular meeting.