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Human of the Rocky Mountain Southwest: March 15, 2018

I am fortunate enough to have spent most of my adult life involved in emergency services, with many years as a paid career professional firefighter, in both California and Colorado, prior to transitioning to private business.

Fred Partee. Photo by Eric Mullens

When I moved to Walsenburg in 2009, there was, and still remains, a serious need for people to step up and provide emergency services for the community. Many people don’t realize the commitment necessary to provide emergency services. They simply want the best and quickest help on the worst days of their lives. 911 callers don’t care if responders are full-time, part-time, paid or volunteer, they simply need help.

It can be tough to work a 60-hour week and juggle emergency responses into it, along with training and associated duties. The community seems to appreciate our services and in turn, I feel appreciated. That is why I do it… I live in and consider myself a part of the community and I just want to give in the best way I know how.

Fred Partee, Walsenburg