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Human of the Rocky Mountain Southwest: Feb 1, 2018

Halle Medina

My favorite quote growing up was always “you must be the change you wish to see in the world” by Gandhi. When I heard this quote it made me feel that, despite being a girl from a small town in New Mexico, I could make a difference and what I did had value. I wasn’t aware of the much greater meaning it would have now in my life. You see, people always say how it is my generation that will be responsible for fixing the problems our country is facing. When looking at all of the problems that we as a nation face, it is overwhelming and at times it can seem hopeless that positive change can actually occur. For many of us in my generation, it’s hard to truly believe that we can really make a positive impact and help find solutions to the problems in which we are facing. I’m only one person from a small town in New Mexico, can I really make a difference in the world? I heard a quote once that said “You cannot fight all the world. You can only make your small corner a fairer place.” This resonated with me. No, maybe I can’t fix the whole world, but maybe I can make my own small corner a better place. As I prepare to embark on my next adventure and leave my hometown behind, I hope I will be leaving it a better place just like it has made me a better person. Maybe that’s how we change the world, one small corner at a time.

Editor’s note: Halle Medina is a Senior at Raton High School and is the daughter of Steve and Melissa Medina. She was one of ten students who were awarded the Colorado School of Mines medal of achievement in Math and Science. She was also a finalist in the New Mexico State Wendy’s Heisman Award – again one of the top ten athletes in the state. She serves as the Student Senate Representative to the Raton Public Schools Board of Education. Her high school career has been one of selfless service to her school and community and outstanding achievement both academically and athletically. Her plans for the future include university in preparation for her future career as an occupational therapist. “Have faith in our generation because we are going to do great things.” ~Halle Medina.