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Huerfano History- Feb 26, 2009

By Jaye Sudar

1924- 23 Arrested in Greek Gambling House Raid.  Saturday night, police arrested gamblers playing Barbout at 110 ½ 6th Street at the Greek Club known as the Coffee House.

1930- Del Carbon Man Killed by Auto. John Youhouse, 65, was killed when struck by an auto driven by Patrick McKeoun, 15.  Youhouse stepped out onto the Gardner road and was blinded by the headlights. McKeoun had no time to swerve or break before hitting the man.

1937- Farmlands Crying For Moisture.  Drying winds and low snow pack in the mountains has burnt out the winter wheat crops. The Huerfano River prospects as an irrigation source for the spring are doubtful.

1942- County Defense Drive Ready To Roll.  The Huerfano County Association for National Defense is holding a War Bond Drive tonight.  The Association hopes to visit every house in the county.  Buy a share of Freedom tonight between 6:30 pm and 7:30 pm.

1949- Two Stores Burglarized. Police Chief Ralph Levy is investigating break-ins at the Firestone store and Pollart′s Service Station. Thieves broke in through door windows and stole auto related items.

1956- Traffic Abusers Again Warned! Police to Act. Mayor Donald Haney and City Council warn that habitual traffic offenders will be hunted down. Police to act immediately.

1963- City Engineers Submit Suggestions For Municipal Dump. Use and maintenance for the dump were discussed as well as the fact that the Streets and Alley Committee head has been too lax on the job.

1970- Walsenburg Residents Breathing Polluted Air! Walsenburg air quality is compromised by coal burning furnaces.  County buildings are the worst offenders.  Next highest are car emissions and dust stirred up by the wind.

1977- Walsenburg Population Reaches 5485!  In a pre election census, Huerfano Re-1 School district confirms that there are now 5485 people in town.

1984- Pete Gomez III Takes State!  Pete Gomez took the State AA title at the 105 pound class in Wrestling.

1992- Updates at Medical Center Add Service!  New equipment improves services prompting Dr. Christopher Unrein to say that the medical center has “joined the 20th century and is ready for the 21st.”

1999- Y2K Bug!  Seminars and Community Meetings about the Y2K Bug are sponsored by First National Bank of Trinidad and Trinidad State Junior College.

2005- Condo Fire!  Fire destroys western condo at the Rio Cuchara Inn.  Chimney fire blamed.